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Old School Essentials Macros

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Cleric Spells

Level 1

Cure Light Wounds

&{template:simple} {{roll=@{SpellCleric1|character_name} casts Cure Light Wounds}} {{duration=Instant}} {{range=Caster/creature touched }} {{description=This spell has two uses: **1. Healing a living subject:** Restores 1d6+1 hit points of damage. This cannot grant more hit points than the subject’s normal maximum. **2. Curing paralysis:** Paralysing effects are negated. **Reversed:** Cause Light Wounds Inflicts 1d6+1 hit points of damage to a touched creature. In combat, a melee attack roll is required.}} {{effect=[[1d6+1]]}}

Detect Evil

&{template:simple} {{roll=@{SpellCleric1|character_name} casts Detect Evil}} {{duration=6 turns}} {{range=120’}} {{description=Objects enchanted for evil purposes or  living beings with evil intentions are  caused to magically glow. **▶ Intent only: **This spell does not grant  the ability to read minds, but only grants a general sense of evil intent. **▶ Definition of evil: **The referee must  decide what is “evil”. Some things that are  potentially harmful, like traps, are not  “evil.”}}