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* [[Token Features]]
* [[Token Features]]
** [[Linking Tokens to Journals]]
** [[Linking Tokens to Journals]]
* '''[[Complete Guide to Macros & Rolls‎]]'''

Latest revision as of 21:52, 21 September 2020

Attention: Roll20 is no longer maintaining this document on the community wiki. For the most up-to-date information please visit this page on our help center for assistance: Here.

[edit] Rollable Table

Sidebar, Cards & Rollable Tables

Main Article: l Collections-tab

A rollable table, or roll table is a collection of items from which a single item will be randomly chosen. It can be used to create custom dice, critical success/failure tables, loot tables, or any other list of items that need to be "rolled.". It is a feature that is found under the l Collections-tab in the Sidebar.


[edit] Creating a Rollable Table

Rollable tables are found under the right-hand Sidebar, under the l Collection-tab. To start a table, click "Add"; and the interface will show you have a "new-table" with "0" items.

[edit] Editing

New Rollable Table

Click on the name of the table, which again by default was "new-table". This will launch a pop-up screen, from which you can change the name of the table, toggle whether or not players can use this table, and add "items" to your table.

To add an item, click "Add Item," which will launch an additional pop-up screen. Similar to the last you can then name this item. By default, the name you enter will be shown in the chat box if this item is selected when the table is rolled.

New Rollable Table

If you are creating custom dice which have numeric values, enter a number into the name field. Otherwise you can enter any text you want.

If your rollable table has icons representing each item, or you are creating custom dice which have graphical sides, you can drag and drop an image into the Icon area. The icon you upload will be shown in the chat box if the item is selected during a roll.

You can additionally add "weight" to items in two methods; either enter the number of times you want the item to be a possible result OR enter a percentage value. When using percentage values, do not place "%" after the number, and the final number of all items that are elements of the table must equal 100.

[edit] Using

From the "Decks & Tables" tab of the Sidebar, you can simply click the "Roll" button to use your table, and the system will randomly select one of your "items" to show as the roll result. After rolling it once, it also shows up as one of your last ten rolls in the Dice Roller.

You can also roll a table directly in the chat input, or in a macro, by using the special roll command 1t[table-name]. For example, to roll your "crit-failure" table one time, you would enter /roll 1t[crit-failure]. You can change 1 to whatever number you would like. However, this currently does not work with inline rolls.

You can also roll a table inline in chat or a macro by wrapping it in double square brackets like this [[1t[table-name]]]. Currently, any number beyond 1 does not display for the inline roll, the results are show on mouseover though.

[edit] Rollable Table Token

A Rollable Table Token, (aka. Multi-Sided Token) looks like any other Token, but with the added feature that you can select which Side of the Token is shown.

This is very handy for changing the appearance of shape shifters, different equipped gear, or even changeable terrain.

Sample Rollable Table with Images to use as a Rollable Table Token

If at least one of your Items has an icon assigned to it, you can create a Rollable Table Token based on the Rollable Table.

The Rollable Table Token inherits all of the images that have been set as icons on the Items, but will not change if later images are added to the Table. Rollable Table Tokens can be used to represent a character and can be assigned as the default token for a character.

[edit] Creating

To create a Rollable Table Token on the current page, click the Token button next to the Rollable Table you want to base it on. Button to click to create a Rollable Table Token

Changing a Rollable Table Token to a Regular Token

By default, a Rollable Table Token will be marked as Is Drawing. This prevents it from snapping to the grid, and hides its bars, bubbles, etc. To make it behave like a normal Token, you'll need to right-click it, choose "Advanced", then click "Is Drawing".

[edit] Using

Changing the displayed Token

When you want to change the Side displayed by your Rollable Table Token, simply right click it and choose "Multi-Sided" from the menu.

  • To choose a specific Side: Click "Choose Side" to be prompted to choose from the available icons using a slider.
  • To choose a random Side: Click "Random Side" and a side will be chosen for you from the available icons. Note: the weights from the original Rollable Table are NOT used for this selection.

Example of choosing a Token to display

Reminder: Changes to the original Rollable Table are NOT reflected in Rollable Table Token after it has been created. If you edit a Rollable Table and want those edits to be shown in your Rollable Table Tokens, you will need to generate a new token.

You can use /talktomyself to prevent the Text Chat output of Rollable Table Tokens. Doing so also prevents the context menu from closing after clicking "Random Side".

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