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Savage Worlds

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Macro for Wild Card Die Roll

The following macro provides the typical Savage Worlds roll, which consists of a skill die and the corresponding d6 wild card die.

/r {1d8! , 1d6!}k1

This example rolls both a d8 and a d6 and outputs the best result. The "!" character enables acing on each die.

Creating A Custom Deck for Bennies

In order to easily track bennies, you can create a custom card deck (decks and tables tab, "Add" button). Pick an image to use as the card background and upload it, and then create a card. Upload an image to use as the card front. Set "Cards in deck are infinite." Your basic bennie deck is complete.

If you are using a setting with special bennies, you might have to create extra cards. For example, Deadlands: Reloaded uses a benny pool made up of Poker Chips called Fate Chips. There are 20 white chips, 10 red chips and 5 blue chips in the Fate Chip pool. So create your deck as before, upload an image of a poker chip as the background, and then create 20 new cards called White Chip. Upload an image of a white poker chip for each card. Repeat for the red and blue chips, making 10 and 5 of each. Then for deck options make sure that you do NOT check "cards in deck are infinite" and cards are played face up. Check the boxes to allow GM to see number of cards in other's hands and front of cards. Set any other options you like and you are done!

You can then shuffle and deal the "deck" just like a deck of cards and the users will recieve their bennies as normal. They can play them to the tabletop just like other cards.