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(Greyhawk Initiative)
Line 113: Line 113:
: As soon as all 3 players have hit the "Ready!" button, chat says "''Everyone is Ready''".
: As soon as all 3 players have hit the "Ready!" button, chat says "''Everyone is Ready''".

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Greyhawk Initiative

This script is designed to support the Greyhawk Initiative that was discussed in Wizards of the Coast's publicly available Unearthed Arcana. The following assumes you are at least somewhat familiar with this rule set, so please take a look at the rules before proceeding.


Getting the players set up and creating all of the macros you need to use this script will take about 10-20 min. The goal of this script is to make the actual combat flow as smoothly as possible, so all of the work is front-loaded. This way you don't have to worry about anything once you actually start playing. You only have to do this setup 1 time per game.

Adding Players' Characters

There is currently a limit of 1 character per player and every player you have added must participate in every round of combat. So if a player is not present for a game, or a specific round of combat, you will have to remove them and add them back once they playing again.

Add each player to the script with: !gi setPlayerCharacter "[Player Name]" "[Character Name]"

Here is an example for my game with Charlie, Mike, and Lima:

!gi setPlayerCharacter "Charlie" "Shrock Tem"
!gi setPlayerCharacter "Mike" "Lend Khi"
!gi setPlayerCharacter "Lima" "Ja'ab Chaimlu"

To remove a player use: !gi removePlayer "[Player Name]"

Adding Monsters

Monsters are super easy. All you have to do is add a turn for them to the turn tracker. You can do this by right-clicking the token and picking add turn. When you use the Start Monster Initiative and Next Monster Initiative it will go through the list of monsters that have a "turn" already in the initiative. This way you don't have to select through every single monster on the page every single time.

Creating the Macros

This is the long part. You will have to create about 20 macros for your and your players. Depending on what rules you are using there will be more. I name all of the macros starting with "GI-" so that all of the macros will automatically be sorted together, to help with organization. You can name them whatever you want, the name doesn't matter. If you add all of the macros to your macro bar you can then rename and color-code them for easy use.

Script-5th Edition Greyhawk Initiative Macro Bar.png

GM Macros

Roll Round  !gi rollRound Takes all of the actions for every character in the round, rolls them together, and updates the initiative tracker. This automatically checks to make sure all players are ready and will not let you roll until they are.
Reset Round  !gi resetRound Marks every initiative 0 and will remove all character actions so that players and monsters can roll from scratch for the next round.
Get Ready Players  !gi getPlayersReady Either returns a list of all players that have not hit the "Ready!" button or returns "Everyone is Ready" if that is the case.
Start Monster Initiative  !gi startMonsters This will start the monster initiative procedure. It will highlight the "current" monster and all other actions selected will be added to this monster. When you are done you can select "Next Monster" to move down the list. All monsters will be chosen from the initiative list.
Next Monster Initiative  !gi nextMonster Selects the next monster or, if you're on the last monster already, will unselect the monsters.
Get Monster Actions  !gi getmonsteractions Outputs the current monster's currently selected actions.
Reset Monster Actions  !gi resetMonster Resets the current monster's actions to nothing.
Add Monster Action  !gi addMonsterAction [dice] "[name of action]" Adds the specific action with the chosen dice to the current turn for the current monster. You will have several of these, one macro for each different action.

Player Macros

You can have the players create their own macros, or you can create them yourself and make them visible to everyone. You will probably want to make them yourself and share them, to make sure that everything is set up correctly. The only time I would suggest the players making their own is if you are using the version of the rules where an attack's dice is based off the weapon damage, so you would have a different macro for every single weapon.

Ready!  !gi ready Indicates that the player is done assigning actions for the current round. Once all players have clicked Ready!, it will post a message in chat saying "Everyone is Ready".
Reset Actions  !gi reset Resets a player's actions, for the current round, to nothing and sets them as "not ready".
Add Action  !gi addAction [dice] "[Action Name]" Adds the specific action with the chosen dice to the current turn for the player. The player will have several of these, one macro for each different action.

Example of Play

I've already set up my 3 players' characters, and have the action macros from the standard version of the rules: Ranged Attack (d4), Move, Other (both d6, but should be separate for clarity sake), Melee Attack (d8) and Spell (d10).

GM Actions
To start the new round: Reset Round
This will also, automatically, inform the players to start selecting their actions for the next round.
To start choosing monster actions: Start Monster Initiative
This highlights Zombie A
Zombie A is going to move and attack: Add action d6 "Move" and Add action d8 "Melee Attack"
You will receive a whisper for each action, telling you the current list of actions.
I am done with Zombie A, so I go to the next monster: Next Monster Initiative
This selects Zombie B
Zombie B is already close enough, so I am just going to attack: Add action d8 "Melee Attack
I am done with Zombie B: Next Monster Initiative
There are no more monsters, so the highlighting is removed.
I change my mind about Zombie B, I want to add a Move just in case: Start Monster Initiative and Next Monster Initiative
Add Move to the Zombie B's list and finish with the monsters: Add action d6 "Move" and Next Monster Initiative
I am done with the monsters, and chat has informed me that "Everyone is Ready" so I roll the round: Roll Round

Player Actions

All of these actions can happen at the same time. The players can take time to discuss their actions and then all enter their actions simultaneously. These actions will automatically be added to the token on the board that represents the character you added for them at the beginning.

If they get the "The GM has not created your character yet.", it means you need to run the !gi setPlayerCharacter "[Player Name]" "[Character Name]" command for them.

If they get the "There is no token on the player's map that represents the player's character." error it means that there is no token on the map they are on that is saved as the default token for the character they are set as. Either drag their character onto the map, or save the new token as the default token for their character

Lima decides that they are at a safe distance and just want to cast a spell: Add action d10 "Spell" and Ready!
Mike decides to move closer and attack: Add action d8 "Melee Attack" and Add action d6 "Move" and Ready!
Mike remembers that they are low on hp: Add action d4 "Ranged Attack" and Add action d6 "Move" and Ready!
Charlie is going to move closer and attack: Add action d8 "Melee Attack" and Add action d6 "Move" and Ready!
As soon as all 3 players have hit the "Ready!" button, chat says "Everyone is Ready".