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Script:5th Edition Greyhawk Initiative

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Revision as of 23:51, 12 October 2017 by Phil B. (Talk | contribs)

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Getting the players set up and creating all of the macros you need to use this script will take about 20 min. The goal of this script is to make the actual combat flow as smoothly as possible, so all of the work is front-loaded so you don't have to worry about anything once you actually start playing. You only have to do this setup 1 time per game.

Adding Players' Characters

There is currently a limit of 1 character per player and every player you have added must participate in every round of combat. So if a player is not present for a game, or a specific round of combat, you will have to remove them and add them back once they playing again.

Add each player to the script with: !gi setPlayerCharacter "Player Name" "Character Name"

Here is an example for my game with Charlie, Mike, and Lima:

!gi setPlayerCharacter "Charlie" "Shrock Tem"
!gi setPlayerCharacter "Mike" "Lend Khi"
!gi setPlayerCharacter "Lima" "Ja'ab Chaimlu"

To remove a player use: !gi removePlayer "Player Name"