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== Changelog ==
== Changelog ==
{{changelog version|0.1.0|2019-09-30|* Initial Release}}
{{changelog version|0.1.0|2019-09-30|* Initial Release}}
[[Category:Savage Worlds]]

Latest revision as of 15:51, 14 September 2020

API ScriptAuthor: Carl D.
Version: 0.1.0
Last Modified: 2019-09-30
Code: Savage Worlds Raise Roller
Dependencies: None
Conflicts: None

This script performs a roll (either for wildcard or extra) and then displays a list of all the target numbers from 4 to the roll's value compared to the rolled value. This allows players to quickly determine with a glance if a roll is a success or success with a raise (or more). Output includes the final value of the roll and a list of target numbers and if it is a success with raise(s).


[edit] Syntax

!swrr extra 6 <-- rolls an extra with d6
!swrr 8 2 <-- rolls a wildcard using d8 and a bonus of +2
!swrr 10 <-- rolls a wildcard using d10 with no bonus or penalty

[edit] Installation and Configuration

Copy the script's code, available from the menu on the right and stored at Roll20's API GitHub Repository. Paste the code into a new script in your campaign's API Script Editor. Save the new script and it will be available inside your campaign. The script may also be available from the drop down box within the API page for the campaign.

[edit] Script Use

Calling the script uses the format "!swrr extra DIE MODIFIER". The "extra" argument is optional and indicates the roll is for an extra (thus no wild die). The "DIE" parameter takes a number representing the sides of the die (for example, 8 for a d8). Finally, the "MODIFIER" parameter represents any modifier value (either plus or minus).

Below is an example macro that leverages the script for rolling extras:

!swrr exta ?{Choose Die|
   d12,12} ?{Choose Bonus|0}

[edit] Changelog

v0.1.0 (2019-09-30)

  • Initial Release