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Star Frontiers Character Sheet

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  1. Fill out the top portion of the General Data
  2. Go to the Ability Scores tab and enter in your beginning ability scores (make sure the drop down box shows PC/NPC)
  3. Then go back to the Character tab and copy your STA score in the Current STA field under the Medical Record.
  4. Enter in the Racial Abilities and the rest of the fields as needed in the Personal File
  5. Under the Skill tab - choose your PSA and then make sure that it is checked next to the name in black. This will make sure that you pay the appropriate amount under XP calculations.
  6. Spend as much XP as your GM allows you to spend with his campaign (usually 20)
  7. Under the Combat tab List any Range or Melee weapons, Defenses (Screens and Suits) as well as any power equipment (beltpacks or backpacks). You will need to click on the "on" tab to populate the fields. Then write your current SEU in the box next to it.
  8. The Gear tab is where you put all of your equipment. Under the Mission tab are items that weigh something. Do not put ammo, kit items, or items that weight less than 1 KG in this section (unless your GM tells you otherwise)
  9. The Mission tab allows you to put your occupational and employee data as well as your previous mission data. It also has a mission profile that you can list information about your current mission.
  10. Ignore the Robot and Creature tabs as these are not used in character creation. If you have purchased a robot or have a creature pet - you will use a separate character sheet to fill their information out.



This is just basic information about the character. The only important field that is utilized throughout the sheet is the Race drop down box. If the Race is Robot or Creature it uses the ATTACK score to determine the Range and Melee weapon attack scores (they show up as RW, PMW, and FMW on the character tab). All other race choices use the standard rules (See below)


This tab contains all the ability and derived ability scores. This lists the fully modified score and cannot be manipulated here (See ABILITY TAB). The TEMP Mod is where you can modifier your ability scores do to effects and other like modifications to the ability scores that are temporary. They modifier both sets of scores equally.

IM (Initiative Modifier) and PS (Punching Score) are calculated exactly as per the Alpha Dawn rules. RW (Range Weapon) = 1/2 DEX, PMW (Power Melee Weapon) = 1/2 STR, and FMW (Finesse Melee Weapon) = 1/2 DEX. Finesse attacks do not add the PS (Punching Score) modifier to the damage.

Clicking on any of the Ability score names (STR for example) will roll an ability modifier check using a standard roll template. It will ask for a modifier to apply (if any). Clicking on the IM button will roll initiative for your squad (using standard squad initiative rules). If you play a Star Frontier's variant where each person rolls initiative then it can still be done here.


As in the original character sheet this is where your CURRENT Stamina is recorded. Any damage to your stamina is applied here and any Stamina check uses this number. Critical Injuries list any specific injuries, their location and how much STA DMG is applied. This is very important when distinguishing between wound damage versus other types of damage (which can't be healed by biocort). Just remember to erase it when you have been healed the amount and apply any healing to the Current STA section

The Current Effect is where you would put poison, disease, radiation, starvation, environmental effects, etc that would have a S (Severity usually in terms of damage) and D (Duration which is either in rounds, hours or days).


Personal file has a place for your racial abilities, experience points, physical description, background, credits, pay per day, citizenship, home planet and system as well as your name (player).

You fill out what your racial ability is add the starting amount (such as 15 for comprehension or 5 for battle rage). If you spend XP points you add that XP to the appropriate racial ability and it will add it to the % column which is where you roll that racial ability. (Will be adding Racial Ability checks on later version)

Current XP lists how much XP you have earned but have not yet spent. The TOTAL XP is amount of XP that you have spent on everything: ability score increase, racial abilities, and skills.

The rest of the fields are self-explanatory. If you choose the OTHER option under home System (Planet) then you can put the actual location under the background and explain it in more detail.



The first part of this tab is where you choose your PSA or Primary Skill Area. I have included Spacer and Mentalist as optional PSA. If you just want to play the standard 3 then have the players click the box next to Spacer PSA and Mentalist PSA. Any skills they purchase in either of those two categories will be at the reduced PSA cost. They just need to put the level and the XP automatically calculate the TOTAL COST for that level. The total XP at the top right lists the total amount of XP spent on all skills.


Any skill that has sub-skills (except Martial Arts and the Mentalist PSA which may come at a later time if I get requests) is listed under the skill. You must uncheck the "Hide Subskills" box under the primary skill. This will then show all related subskills. Subskills that need to be rolled have a Roll button and will ask a series of questions. Once these questions are answered the results will be rolled and shown on the right.

Some skills are rolled secretly and the GM will see the results while the player will only see his chance (the exception to this is identify robot which would give away the robot's level. All skills also will ask for a misc. modifier in which you can adjust the percentage chance based on a variety of outside factors).

Robot subskills need an active robot to target. If there is none - simply create a base robot and give it a level. The medical subskills will need a target (patient) - again simply pick anyone if the patient is available on the screen.

All skills are based on the Alpha Dawn written rules, Knight Hawks rules, or the digital rules for the mentalist.