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Star Wars WEG D6 character sheet

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The sheet was made by Timothy O., later improved by Andreas.J.


Rolls in Star Wars D6

(All the rolls from the sheet does this behind the scenes) Your skills and attributes are a sum of d6 dice and pips. Three pips becomes a d6. One die in all rolls are replaced with the wild die that explode on a roll of 6, i.e. you can roll it again and add the result to the sum. This can be continued if the wild die rolls 6 again.

If the wild die rolls a one, the GM can decide that:

  1. a complication happens(independent for if the roll succeeded or not) or
  2. deduct the value of the wild die and the highest die you rolled from the sum
  3. nothing

If you have 6d6+1 for example Blaster skill, you roll five normal six-sided dice and one wild die, and sum up everything with the one pip the skill had. If the wild die rolls a six you can continue rolling it and adding the result to the total. If the wild die rolls a one, it is up to the GM to choose what happend(stated above).

Skill/Attribute advancement

1d6,1d6+1,1d6+2,2d6,2d6+1 etc.

Roll20 sheet general tips

  • On all skill rolls the pip field must be filled with a number and cannot be left empty, or it will break the roll and show "0" as result.
  • Wound penalties are automatically subtracted from all relevant rolls if used, same with the "Force Powers Up" tracker
  • You can hide the Force & Background sections with the checkbox on the left side of the section
  • The "Force resist pain" does not properly work so the option does noting atm


Custom Roll:

&{template:default} {{name=?{Roll Name}}} {{Roll=[[{(?{Number of dice|0} - 1)d6cf0cs7 + ?{Number of pip|0},1d6!cf1cs6}]]}}

Recent Updates(2017-2018)

  • Added a Skill Section and Attack Button (weapon section) (2018-01-15)
  • Increased the Size of the Medium Range to take triple digit numbers (weapon section) (2018-01-15)
  • Weapon name is properly showed when damage is rolled from the sheet (2017-11)
  • Perception skills and old weapons are back! (2017-11)
  • All skills and attributes now rolls with a template and dice/pip mod can be given (2017-11)
  • Armor section is working, rolls and all (2017-11)
  • A initiative skill have been added to second section next to char points, with a roll that sends to tracker (2017-11)
  • Custom rollers, with and without wild die have been added to same section (2017-11)
  • Roller for char points have been added next to char point attribute (2017-11)
  • Force and Background section can now be hidden with a checkbox each (2017-11)
  • Resist pain in force section have been disabled for not working properly (2017-11)
  • Duplicating text fields "character connections" <-> "other notes" is fixed (2017-11)