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Difference between revisions of "Template:box Cape Town"

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(Created page with "{{Userbox city|Cape|Cape Town|40px}} <noinclude>Cape Town </noinclude> <includeonly>Category:Cape Town players</i...")
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Line 1: Line 1:
{{Userbox city|Cape|Cape Town|[[Image:Central Time.png|40px]]}}
{{Userbox city|Cape Town|Cape Town|[[Image:Central Time.png|40px]]}}
<noinclude>[[Category:Userbox Templates|Cape Town]]
<noinclude>[[Category:Userbox Templates|Cape Town]]
<includeonly>[[Category:Cape Town players]]</includeonly>
<includeonly>[[Category:Cape Town]]</includeonly>

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Central Time.png This user's city is Cape Town.