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TinyD6 is a minimalist game engine developed by Gallant Knight Games, and is used in number of game systems. TinyD6 evolved from the original Tiny Dungeon 1st Edition D6 ruleset, created by Brandon McFadden.

Character Sheets

The following Roll20 character sheet exists for TinyD6 games:

  • Mecha and Monsters by Alan Bahr, Troy Ellis
    • Used for the Tiny Frontiers: Mecha and Monsters game
    • sourcecode
  • Tiny D6 Games by Wesley L.
    • Used for Tiny Dungeons 2nd Edition and Tiny Frontiers Revised
    • sourcecode
  • Tiny Supers. by hbcyber
    • Streamlined UI with dice roll panel which remains in view regardless of scrolling.
    • Ability to output all major character attributes (traits, etc.) into the chat.
    • GM mode which allows easy data entry of simple NPCs when not all player attributes are required.
    • sourcecode