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Traveller 5th-Edition

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Character Sheet

Here is a text-based character-sheet for Traveller, 5th-Edition version. There is at present only an interactive character sheet for the Mongoose Traveller version. Someone skilled in HTML and CSS may design one for T5.

Default rolls and characteristics are for Humans; replace these rolls and characteristics for non-human Sophonts or Robots.

Simply create a new Character handout called Blank Character Sheet, insert this text in the Bio & Info tab, and save. Make duplicates entitled with the name of each player and assign Edit control to that player. They will be able to edit everything in the sheet except the Character Sheet title. Once they decide on a character name, the GM can edit the sheet title for them.

It is recommended to make a duplicate and save as "Copy of Blank Character Sheet" in your game's Archive.


UPP: XXXXXX (fill in)
(Strength, Dexterity, Endurance, Intelligence, Education, Social Standing) (0-9, A=10, B=11, C=12, D=13, E=14, F=15 etc.)
(Sophont races may have Agility or Grace instead of Dexterity; Stamina or Vigor instead of Endurance; Training or Instinct instead of Education; Charisma or Caste instead of Social Standing)

CHARACTERISTICS: SDEIES (characteristics and dice rolls for Humans are shown)

C1: Str 2D = (note in brackets the higher of the 2 dice rolls. This is your Genetic component of the roll)
C2: Dex 2D = (ditto)
C3: End 2D = (ditto)
C4: Int 2D = (ditto)
C5: Edu 2D = (no Genetic component for Humans. There will be a Genetic component for Sophonts who have Instinct)
C6: Soc 2D = (no Genetic component for Humans. There will be a Genetic component for Sophonts who have Caste, or Caste may be fixed and fully inheritable.)

Optional: Sanity: Psionics:
Start of Physical Aging: 34 (for Humans; the start of 5th term)
Start of Mental Aging: 66 (for Humans)

Overview: HBS-T-AN-LN-N
Symmetry: Bilateral
Head: Head-Brain-Senses
Torso: Torso
Limbgroup 1: Arms with Hands
Limbgroup 2: none
Limbgroup 3: Legs
Limbgroup 4: none
Tail: none
Skeleton: Bony Interior
Skin: Skin
Fluids: Blood
Species Scent: HUM-xxx
Organic Int= Edu=
Breathes: Air

SENSES: (Humans have VHST)
HEARING (and voice range): H-16-9382
SMELL: S-10-2
TOUCH: T-06-2
AWARENESS (Magnetic and Electric): Unaware
PERCEPTION (Life and thought sense, and poice range): Oblivious


Birthdate: (Random pick of birthday out of 365, birthyear is 1105-age. Show as ddd-yyyy)
Birthworld: (Name and sector coordinates xxxx)
Homeworld: Name and sector coordinates xxxx)
Service Experience:
Career Experience:

Education and Training: (list certifications)

Term 01:
Term 02:
Term 03:
Term 04:
Term 05:
Term 06:
Term 07:
Term 08:
Term 09:
Term 10:

(X means no Skill, 0 means Default Skill (can roll but with This is Hard! rule). Skills in brackets next to main Skill are Knowledges; you must add the first 2 levels awarded within these Knowledges before being allowed to add 3rd and subsequent award of the Skill to the entire Skill. E.g. first two awards of Driver could be applied to Tracked-1 and Wheeled-1, or Wheeled-2 by itself, then on further awards the main Driver skill can go up in level (improving the roll for all Knowledges). Skill and Knowledge levels are cumulative on the rolls but you will always be slightly better in certain Knowledges than in the main Skill.)

Regular Skills:
Admin-X Advocate-X Animals-X (Rider-X; Teamster-X; Trainer-X) Athlete-0 Broker-X Bureaucrat-X Comms-0 Computer-0 Counsellor-X Designer-X Diplomat-X Driver-0 (ACV-X; Automobile-X; Grav-X; Legged-X; Mole-X; Tracked-X; Wheeled-X) Explosives-X Fleet Tactics-X Flyer-X (Aeronautics-X; Flapper-X; Grav-X; LTA-X; Rotor-X; Winged-X) Forensics-X Gambler-X High-G-X Hostile Environ-X JOT-X Language (Native-(automatic; level is Int or Edu); Second Language (one level less), etc.) Leader-X Liaison-X Naval Architect-X Seafarer-X (Aquanautics-X; Grav-X; Boat-X; Ship-X; Sub-X) Stealth-X Strategy-X Streetwise-X Survey-X Survival-X Tactics-X Teacher-X Trader-X Vacc Suit-0 Zero-G-X

Starship Skills: Astrogator-X Engineer-X (Jump Drives-X; Life Support-X; Maneuver Drive-X; Power Systems-X) Gunner-X (Bay Weapons-X; Ortillery-X; Screens-X; Spines-X; Turrets-0) Medic-X Pilot-X (Small Craft-X; Spacecraft ACS-X; Spacecraft BCS-X) Sensors-X Steward-0

Trades: Biologics-X Craftsman-X Electronics-X Fluidics-X Gravitics-X Magnetics-X Mechanic-0 Photonics-X Polymers-X Programmer-X

Arts: Actor-0 Artist-0 Author-0 Chef-X Dancer-X Musician-X

Soldier Skills: Fighter-0 (Battle Dress-X; Beams-X; Blades-X; Exotics-X; Slug Throwers-X; Sprays-X; Unarmed-X) Forward Observer-X Heavy Weapons-X (Artillery-X; Launcher-X; Ordnance-X; WMD-X) Navigation-X Recon-X Sapper-X

TALENTS: Compute-X Empath-X Hibernate-X Hypno-X Intuition-X Math-X MemAware-X Memorize-X MemPercept-X MemScent-X SemSight-X MemSound-X Morph-X Rage-X SoundMimic-X

PERSONALS: Carouse-X Query-X Persuade-X Command-X

INTUITIONS: Curiosity-X Insight-X Luck-X



Dice Rolls

Here are some dice-roll macros for Traveller 5:

To roll a number of D6 (if you don't specify any number it defaults to 2d6).

/roll ?{Number of D6?|2}d6

To roll the Flux dice (d6-d6) used in certain tables in Traveller 5.

/roll 1d6-1d6 Flux Roll

Set Visible To as "All Players".


There are a number of useful utilities on external sites for Traveller 5th-Edition, made by users Thalassogen and Eaglestone.

The following site (Thalassogen) includes SectorMaker which generates a spreadsheet with data for an entire sector at a time (averaging about 600 star-systems if set at average galactic density, with one or more stars and an average 10 planets each, with the extended T5 Universal World Profile statistics and orbit tables for all stars and planets). Adobe files (.pdf) with a sector map and 16 subsector maps can be generated as well, with tables included. The site-owner added an essay about how to customize and edit the spreadsheet for the Sector. You can reload an edited Sector onto this utility and get an interactive map with information popping up if you roll over hexes or touch a system name in the table.

(Site down, was )

The following site includes a very useful Task Roller tailored to the Combat rules of T5. Probabilities are mainly decided by the number of dice rolled. The greater the number of dice, the greater the difficulty. The number of dice rolled is tied to the Range of the attack. Other factors like Attack type (Snapfire, Auto-fire, regular) are also figured in.

(Site down, was )

Pierre S. (talk) 01:51, 4 May 2015 (EDT)