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Turn Tracker

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The Roll20 Turn Tracker exists to aid you and your players with turn-based games by presenting an interactive list to the group. This feature is intentionally not automated, so that more game types are able to use it.

Turn Order Menu Icon.png

To open the Turn Tracker, click on the Turn Tracker button on the Toolbox. Note that while only the GM can open the Turn Tracker, once it is open it will be visible to all players as well.


Adding Turns

To add a turn to the tracker, right click on a token on the tabletop, and choose "Add Turn" from the menu that appears. Note that you can add multiple turns for the same token if desired.

Turn Order Add Token.png

After the token turn has been added, the token's image and name (if set) will appear in the turn list. Note that if the token is on the GM Layer, the name will be greyed to indicate that the turn is not being shown to players.

Turn Order Initial State.png

Adding Values

The Turn Tracker allows you to add a value next to each token. You can use this spot to keep track of initiative or any other stat that you want to note about the turn. There are several ways to add token values, all of which can be accomplished by both the GM and players.

The easiest method is to simply click on the number next to the Token and type in a new number. Press Return/Enter after typing and the new value will be saved.

Alternatively, you can drag the result of a roll from the chat box to the Turn Tracker and drop it in the numerical field.

Turn Order

To re-order the turns, you can simply click and drag on a turn and then move it up or down in the list.

If you press the blue Turn Order Settings Button, you can reorder and sort the current list either numerically or alphabetically.

Advancing Turns

To advance to the next turn in the tracker, simply press the arrow button, and the current turn at the top of the list will be moved to the bottom.

Removing Turns

To remove a turn, simply mouseover the turn in the list, and then click on the red trash can icon that appears over the token image.

If you want to clear all turns at once, you can press the blue Turn Order Setting Button, and click the red “Remove All Turns” (Clear List) button to completely reset the Turn Tracker.