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Line 9: Line 9:
* Dry erase
* Dry erase
* Aura/Tint HealthColors
* Aura/Tint HealthColors
* Bump
Line 15: Line 16:
* [ ApplyDamage.js]
* [ ApplyDamage.js]
* Status Info
* Status Info
* TokenAction

Revision as of 19:05, 21 April 2020

APIs I am using

One Click Install API Scripts:

  • TokenNameNumber
  • GroupInitiative
  • GroupCheck
  • Flight, which uses splitArgs
  • tokenMod
  • Dry erase
  • Aura/Tint HealthColors
  • Bump

and the following API scripts:

Scripts I've created and use:

  • CritCards

I have removed the following API scripts:

Replaced by Aura/Tint HealthColors

Things I am Considering


  • Formation

Create or find ways:

  • Center window on who has initative.
  • CashMaster for storing Inspiration (Check InspirationTracker) (These will not work - create an 'inventory" item instead)


  • Spell Effect Area

APIs to Check Out



  • Monster only mentions first time bloodied (?? modify Aura)