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APGamingREAL is a diverse collective of players and GMs who both play and teach. At APGamingREAL you'll find a wide variety of tabletop RPG play from over a dozen systems.


APGamingREAL is pushing what is possible in online tabletop rpg streaming. With Innovation: Blending King Arthur Pendragon and Battletech: Total War to create the show Oath of Endosteel. Blending play by post audience content, Pathfinder, and DND 5E to create Winter's Edge Season 1 and 2, a Kingdom Building Campaign. With Depth of Experience: Over 70 different TTRPG systems streamed including those based on popular properties like Kantai Collection, Pokemon, Re: ZERO, and more.


Featured Games & Editions

A Song of Ice and Fire RPG
Apocalypse World
D&D (5e)
Deadlands: Classic
Dungeon World
King Arthur Pendragon 5.1

Night Witches

Pathfinder Society Organized Play
Sagas of the Icelanders
Spears of the Dawn
Star Wars: Edge of the Empire
Stars Without Number

The End Of The World: Zombie Apocalypse

Past Shows & VODs

Mistborn: Alloy of Law

A weird western wizards game set at the verge of industrialization, in the Brandon Sanderson Mistborn universe. Join our villains as they plot a way to take over the government!

Mistborn: Alloy of Law Cast


Winter's Edge

Winter's Edge is a collaborative community effort: A DND 5E campaign in a world with a forgotten past and an endless war. It includes the Pathfinder KINGMAKER system for kingdom building, and the campaign has an attached play by post discord that effects the world and changes the story.

Winter's Edge Cast



Spears of the Dawn

Spears of the Dawn is an Africana style fantasy setting played using the Stars Without Number system.

Spears of the Dawn Cast



Pathfinder: Jade Regent

Pathfinder's Jade Regent Adventure Path is a journey to the oriental part of the Golarion setting, looking to restore an empress to power.

Pathfinder: Skulls and Shackles

Pathfinder Skulls and Shackles Adventure Path is a naval campaign wherein the players are recruited into, take over, and lead a pirate fleet to determine the fate of the Pirate Nation of Shackles.

Edge of the Empire: Shadow of War

Edge of the Empire is a tale of smugglers, scoundrels, and those who live at the edge of the galaxy; looking to survive their own mistakes and stay one paycheck ahead of death.

Edge of the Empire: Shadow of War Cast



Additional YouTube Content

Maximum Xcrawl

Join APGamingREAL, Tuxtradamus, MTO, and Lucasgvariety for a Pathfinder dungeon crawler set in alternate America!


Join APGamingREAL, Tuxtradamus, KelsaDelphi, and SerialComma for a touching look at the hearts of teenagers with attitude!

The Skeletons / Downfall

Join APGamingREAL, Tuxtradamus, and DrWreckage for back to back Story game skeletons trying to stay alive, followed by a Protoss style empire falling apart!

The Veil

Join APGamingREAL, Typical GM, Sidalpha, Chipinit, and Frasersimons for a look at the beta rules for a cyberpunk alternate reality adventure!

Action Movie World

Join APGamingREAL, Piaan, Tuxtradamus, and Sidalpha for a wintery barbarian movie about axes, love, and giant stone temples!

Mouse Guard

Join APGamingREAL, Swargula, EricVulgaris, and Tuxtradamus in a cute game about tiny mice who protect the land!


Featuring Zircon5 and KelsaDelphi, we travel to ancient Russia/Rome, turn it into a Utopia, then tear it all down in this three person RPG!

The Warren

Bolstered by ChipINIT, Tice8769, and EricVulgaris; our rabbit players attempt to live out their life under the willow tree in a world where everything is bigger and scarier.

Apocalypse World

Join APGamingREAL in Australia for the system that inspired all the hacks. Dangerous, sexy fun.

Deadlands: Classic

A look into a mix of dice and card mechanics of the Ancient Wild West, complete with supernatural horror and inescapable death!

Dungeon World One Shots

A series of one shots featuring the Dungeon World system.

King Arthur Pendragon 5.1

A look at Arthurian society and its knights, lords, ladies.

Night Witches

Young women flying outdated planes against fascist Nazi Scum? The drama of their day to day lives, oppressed by the State, nights filled with terrifyingly deadly bomb runs.

Pathfinder: Mummy's Mask

No world ending catastrophe here, just a trope filled adventure deep into Egyptian style tombs looking for monetary recompense.

Pathfinder: Reign of Winter

The eternal witch regime of the north sends storms to the Southlands to freeze the world. A bitter, deadly campaign filled with unexpected humor.

Pathfinder: Rise of the Runelords

The original Pathfinder Adventure Path, award winning classic. Danger besets the land of Varisia, ancient evils arisen, and some unlikely small town heroes have come to stop them.

Pathfinder Society: Emerald Spire Superdungeon

An old school mechanics-based dungeon crawl Slaughterfest 9000.

Saga of the Icelanders

900 AD Iceland, its displaced Viking settlers, and the lives they want to lead. A look into a unique setting, time, and play style.

Stars Without Number

A series of one shots in this space RPG about psychics, screaming, guns, and robots.