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Adam Koebel

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Adam Koebel is the co-designer of award-winning tabletop RPG DUNGEON WORLD. He's also a twitch streamer, Games Master for Roll20 and the GM of the weirdly-popular live roleplaying games Mirrorshades and Swan Song.



Adam first started playing satan's game back in 1993 with a copy of Advanced Dungeons and Dragons and a stack of Heavy Metal magazines. It's all pretty much downhill from there. He co-designed Dungeon World with Sage LaTorra in 2012 and has been running games online using Roll20 since 2014 - starting with RollPlay: Swan Song in July of that year and expanding to GM RollPlay: Mirrorshades in January of 2015. He also guest-stars on The West Marches as the incorrigible Doctor Grigori. In March of 2015, Adam took up the mantle of GM in Residence at Roll20 and has run several campaigns in that capacity, including Apocalypse World, Burning Wheel and classic D&D.

Adam is also a Partnered Twitch streamer and YouTube content creator, focusing primarily on narratively-driven games with socially aware content, as well as full playthroughs of big-name RPGs. He is an inveterate social media participant, with Twitter as his main implement.

Featured Games & Editions

Stars Without Number
Shadowrun (1e)
The Burning Wheel
Moldvay Basic D&D

D&D (5e)

Live Schedule

Monday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Title RollPlay: Mirrorshades RollPlay: Swan Song Roll20 Presents: Old School Adventures Roll20 Presents: The Burning Wheel
Game System Shadowrun Stars Without Number Moldvay Basic The Burning Wheel
Time 5pm PT 5pm PT 11am PT 5pm PT

Adam also streams from his personal Twitch Channel & a full schedule of all of his online content can be found on his website.

Show Descriptions & VODs

RollPlay: Mirrorshades

Set in the weird world of Shadowrun, Mirrorshades is chrome, neon and character drama. What started as a fantasy cyberpunk game about criminals living on the edge slowly became a character-focused story about interpersonal drama. Elves, guns, magic and cybernetics come together to tell some very strange tales.

Mirrorshades Cast

Kaitlyn as "NightSass"
Dodger as "Breakdown"

djWHEAT as "b0nb0n"

RollPlay: Swan Song

Living on the edge of society, the crew of the Swan Song travel space looking to score big and keep themselves one step ahead of the bounty hunters, rogue AIs and criminal syndicates out for their blood. A long-running sandbox RPG, Swan Song has explored issues philosophical and cultural and managed to blow up a thing or two along the way.

Swan Song Cast

Steven as "Erik"
JP as "Higgs"
Geoff as "Alpharius"

djWHEAT as "Piani"

Roll20 Presents: Old School Adventures

Going all the way back to 1981, this series explores what it meant to be a dungeon crawler when adventures were printed on blue-and-white grids and real heroes only had one hit point.

Old School Cast



Marketplace Content

House of Orr Playpack 1
Thomas Time 1 Characters

Thomas Time 2 Rivals

Roll20 Presents: The Burning Wheel

High drama and passionate action in a time of bloody revolution! The Burning Wheel presents a low-magic world of gritty survival and heavy politics. A baker, a slave, a bastard and a woodsman deal with the consequences of killing the Child Empress and changing the way the world works forever.

Burning Wheel Cast

Austin as "Basil"
Colin as "The Woodsman"
Jess as "Agnes"

Andrew as "The Rooster"