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Archiving content in a game only de-clutters menus by hiding them out-of-sight, and doesn't improve game performance.

Characters & handouts

main page: N Journal

The Archive Handout button will move the Handout/Character to a special area where it will no longer show up in the Journal Listing or in results from the Search field or Tag List Dropdown. Archived handouts can be accessed in the Archived Handouts Dialog at the bottom of the Journal Listing, and can be restored there.


main article: Page_Settings#Archive_Page

You can archive any page to hide it from the page selection. Archived Pages will appear at the far right end of the Page Toolbar, from there, they can be restored at any time.

Archiving can be helpful if you have a large number of pages and want to make navigation easier. Move the Players Ribbon to the next page, and then archive the page you moved from.

Chat Archive

Main Page: Chat Archive

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