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example of Beyond20 in use
Beyond20 is an unofficial browser plugin that links Roll20 and DnDbeyond, and among things enables you to use your DnDBeyond character sheets to roll dice to Roll20's q Text Chat. Beyond20 have no ties to Roll20 or DnDBeyond, and is completely unofficial.

It's available both on Chrome and Firefox.


See their features-page for the full list. Here is a short version:

  • makes all the kinds of dice rolls on Roll20, from your DnDB char sheet
    • class resources like Bardic Inspiration & Superiority Dice
    • supports many custom rolls
  • Spells
    • can display spell card info on Roll20, and the spellcards have buttons to roll the spells
    • spells can be rolled directly sing the normal templates.
  • display NPC stablock in chat
  • D&D Beyond character specific options
  • plugin have bunch of customization options
The Beyond20 rolls are outputted in the chat to look like the rolls from the D&D 5E by Roll20
Character   Sheet
char sheet, but can also fallback to use the Default Template. Youtube-logo.png is a 15min video showing of the features in Roll20.