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Big Eyes Small Mouth 4E/Status

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See Big Eyes Small Mouth 4E‎ for user documentation.


UPDATE December 2022

Hello BESM Community! First I'd like to thank everyone who has used this sheet for their BESM games and all the feedback and support you've provided. Now some good and bad news, I'll start with the bad news: I've decided to end of life this sheet, version 1.x. Why? While developing version 1.9 for combat automation I realized that the automation system was extensible enough that I could greatly simplify the sheet and provide more dynamic configuration options and break out of the static mold of the current sheet. Additionally, I've received a good deal of feedback from the BESM community on the Dyskami Discord server on how to better align the sheet with BESM4e and how GM's and players want to use the sheet. Putting all this together, I realized that the changes would be too significant to simply update the existing sheet and I'd have to create a new version to accommodate all these changes. Thus, I am working hard on version 2.0, but it will be a new sheet with no upgrade path from sheet 1.x.

That said, I will offer support to anyone still using sheet 1.x until sheet 2.0 is available, to fix any bugs or make any reasonable changes so you can keep playing your BESM4e games on Roll20. Please DM me here on Roll20 or find me on the Dyskami Discord server for any questions, comments, or requests.

Known Issues

Bug Type Severity State Fixed In Description Mitigation
Mechanics Moderate Backlog TBD Special Movement, Fast, only allows a single rank, but the Core rulebooks states that a character's movement speed is doubled for every assignment (rank) of the attribute. None
Mechanics Minor Backlog TBD Weapon always rolls with "Do Nothing" maneuver, irrespective of which maneuver is selected. All stats (i.e. Body, Mind, and Soul) have no value or are set to 0. Configure all stats to have a value greater than 0.
UI Moderate Backlog TBD Activating/deactivating attribute will collapse "range" menu for armed weapon. Disarm/rearm weapon.
Attribute Minor Backlog TBD All aspect shortcoming does not apply to major aspects when major aspect shortcoming exists. Use All Aspect Stat for Major Aspect Stat rolls instead.
Cost Accounting High Fixed 1.4.13 In some cases, such as taking an attribute over level 6, will cause the attribute's cost to be double counted when applied to the group cost. None
Attribute Moderate Fixed 1.4.10 Telekinesis should provide character "extra hands" to arm weapons with. Should not apply to focused versions of telekinesis. None
UI Minor Fixed 1.4.6 Group type displays in lower case but should be capitalized. None
Attribute Moderate Fixed 1.3.1 Defect Impaired Sense does not provide a method of selecting which sense it applies to. None


Feature State Release Description
Combat Automation! In-development 1.9.0 Leveraging Custom Roll Parsing, this framework will allow automation of combat, such as auto-updating a sheet with damage taken after applying protection/defenses, decrementing ammunition spent, factoring enhancements and limiters into rolls, etc. (Note: this work is necessary to move forward with Alternative Damage/Stun System.)
Alternative Damage/Stun System Researching TBD Develop a damage and stun system that is effortless to track and more immersive to gameplay.
Tooltips For Icon Descriptions Backlog TBD Create tooltips for icons to bring more awareness on what they are used for or mean.
Damage Categories Display In Roll Templates Backlog TBD Display damage categories appropriately in roll templates for both attack and defense rolls.
Environmental Resistance Armor Rating Backlog TBD Armor Rating gained by Resistance attribute (i.e. environmental) is activated as tertiary armor layer.
Automate Dual Wielding Rules/Mechanics Backlog TBD Apply dual wielding mechanics to rolls transparently.
Alt-Munition Done 1.7.4 Add support for the Alt-Munition Limiter.
Deplete Done 1.7.0 Simplify Deplete/Energy Point system to be more player and immersion friendly.
Performance Improvements Done 1.6.0 BESM4eExtras is a data heavy character sheet, but the more Attributes that are added to the sheet the more performance is negatively impacted. This iteration of performance improvements targets data management for more optimal performance of character sheets with many Attributes defined. The visual layout of the character sheet will remain unaffected, but how data is managed in the background will receive a significant overhaul.
Enhancement and Limiter Tooltop Descriptions Done 1.5.3 Display tooltop descriptions for Active Attribute customizations. Currently only shows rank for non-standard enhancements and limiters.
Additional Damage Types Done 1.5.0 Include damage types mentioned in Core rulebook that are currently not available. This will better support the Resilient attribute.
Resilient Attribute Done 1.5.0 Rework attribute to reflect Core rulebook description. Currently structured after Unaffected attribute.
Unaffected Attribute Done 1.5.0 Align Unaffected attribute with Core rulebook definition.
Rush Attack Done 1.4.7 Create "rush attack" button to apply the Combat Technique to an attack.
Ammo Done 1.4.0 Align Ammo customization with better understanding of Core rulebook intention.

Version History


  • Added support to define Unique Defect category as per the core rulebook.
  • Fixed doUpgrade(), will no longer repeat upgrades when build number is greater than 9.


  • Added support for Unique Attribute cost pre level. Was previously hardcoded to 0 without any method to change.
  • When modifying Unique Attribute, the attribute cost per level or attribute level will update attribute cost.


  • Defect categories Serious and Greater were switched to reflect true Defect costs per the Core Rule Book.
  • Upgrade to 1.8.9 routine iterates through each attribute group to apply the correct cost to each defect respective to the defect rank in the group and recalculates the total group cost, and overall character cost.


  • Deprecated skill picker UI for simpler select driven menu for selecting skills. Existing skills will be preserved, newly created skills will use the select driven menu.


  • Fixed bug where non-weapon attributes would fail to activate.
  • Attributes with specialized configurations will now update when specialization is set. Previously would only set when level was adjusted.
  • Ranged Attack will now reflect which weapon it is specialized for. Would still apply to weapon it was configured for correctly, the weapon configuration just didn't display.
  • When Targeted limiter is added to Massive Damage, now shows <not configured> if an enemy has not been defined.
  • The function setCombatRoll() no longer crashes if a maneuver is not selected. Previously this would cause some attributes not to activate until a maneuver was selected.


  • Changed stat cost to reflect Core Rulebook values, i.e. 2 character points per stat value up to stat value of 12, and 4 character points per stat value above stat value of 12. Existing sheets will upgrade to correct the stat value costs, and return overages as available character points.


  • Fixed bug where weapons with ammo limiter the ammo and capacity states were not persistent when arming/disarming the weapon.
  • Fixed weapons with no handed enhancement not revealing range, autofire, and ammo UI.
  • Fixed weapons with handed limiter not being armed correctly when extra arms were active.


  • Reduced attribute cache ~35%-40% by removing all falsey assigned attributes and hardcoding default falsey values. Such as when an attribute (Roll20) returns undefined then a default value of 0 will be assigned for an integer-based attribute. Only attributes with non-falsey values will be written to cache. The smaller cache size increased sheet performance.


  • Fixed issue where changing initial stat levels would produce incorrect cost values.
    • Note: characters affected by this bug will have their stat costs corrected, which may result in additional or fewer character points than prior to the cost correction.


  • Fixed getAttrCostPerLevel() function not returning cost of Alternate Form attribute.


  • Fixed issue where activating STR-based shortcoming did not activate correctly.
  • Fix issue where after activating STR-based shortcoming, lift was not recalculated.


  • Deprecated size template UI based on repeating sections for simpler select-based UI.
  • Added shading to depressed targeted and Unaffected attribute buttons.
  • Code optimization.
  • Bug fixes.


  • Corrected Tough and Energized attributes to increase Health and Energy Points by 10 points per level, respectively, and Social Mastery and Unassailable attributes to increase Social and Sanity points by 2 points per level, respectively.


  • Improved depress button visualization


  • Fixed weapon arming bug.
  • Enhanced cache write logic to prevent writing undefined values.



  • Consolidating options and lock functionality into a single lock button surfaced a bug previously unnoticed. Resolved issues where a newly added attribute would get out of sync with lock button state, showing the options menu when locked, and hidden when unlocked.


  • Fixed bug where if an attribute was unlocked and options menu open when sheet upgraded to 1.7.1, the lock function would work with the lock icon open/close state reversed. Now lock icon should display correct state with open/close options menu.
  • Fixed upgrade code, was not reliably detecting lesser version in game, but worked fine in sandbox.


  • Merged attribute options button function with attribute lock button, and removed options button (was redundant).
  • Changed roll template damage label to display as normal or stun, rather than have a separate line entry for stun.


  • New alternate Deplete limiter rule!
    • Alternate Deplete limiter rule can be enabled/disabled in either Default Sheet Settings for new characters, or in Sheet Options for existing characters.
    • When alternate Deplete limiter rule is enabled, attributes with the Deplete limiter will use an Energy Point reservation system instead of requiring players to track number of EP expended per use or over time. Revered EP are removed from the EP total when affected attributes are activated, and will not be released until the attribute is deactivated.
    • Note: switching between official and alternate Deplete limiter rule does not perform retroactive removal or restoration of EP. Players must deactivate all affected attributes before switching between rules.


  • Weapon attributes with No Hands enhancement will no longer arm weapons as if they were an Extra Arm attribute.
  • Fixed ammo persistency when arming other weapons, previously only persisted when unarming before switching weapons.
  • Extra Arms, and weapons with No Hands enhancement, Weapon Selection button now shows as depressed when selected.


The Great Bug Hunt!

  • Upgrade to 1.3.1 toString function now correctly uses underscorejs syntax (and works).
  • Function createSkill() now adds new skill ID to cache.
  • Function buildSkillsUI() now writes skillmap correctly.
  • Fixed skill stat adjustment bug, now defaults level to 0 if NaN.
  • Refactored createSkill() function: moving to writeValues() function in certain cases to resolve cache out of sync issues. POCed on createSkill() function.
  • Fixed ammo/capacity persistence with new caching system.
  • Stat changes are now reflected in skill rolls.
  • New characters will now be able to roll 2d6 from roll menu (previously had no default value set).
  • Attribute Augmented (stat) now works!
  • Attack/Defense Mastery attributes will now be added/removed from ACV/DCV rolls, respectively.
  • Attributes now expose the correct settings available to them.
  • Cleaned up some unnecessary code.
  • Now correctly exposing/displaying respective melee/ranged weapon classes to associated Attributes (e.g. Melee Attack, Ranged Attack, etc).


  • Moved support for setting game genre to Default Sheet Settings (via sheet.json) for new characters, and localized configuration in Sheet Options for existing characters. Changing game genre only affects skill costs per level, and changing game genre on an existing sheet will adjust all skill costs retroactively. Therefore, some skills may cost more, some less, and will reflect on the character's total cost. This change better adheres to the Extras rule book.
  • Adapted skill game mechanics to new attribute caching system.
  • Fixed self-inflicted bugs.


  • Introducing the Cached Value Framework! This has been a significant uplift of the sheet's codebase, where all the sheet's values are retrieved during the "on open" event and then written to a single JSON object that emulates Roll20's "values" object created from getAttrs() calls. Each successive event after "on open" calls the JSON object rather than multiple single sheet values. Performance testing results suggested that getAttrs() is significantly more performant fetching a single value over multiple values, irrespective (to a point) of the data volume. Meaning, getAttrs() performance is better fetching a single object of 50kb than 500 objects totaling 50kb. This major change to the BESM4eExtras character sheet was necessary as players building complex characters would suffer performance issues making the sheet unplayable. While there still appears to be an upper limit to sheet complexity, the Cached Value Framework pushes this limit out further so players may enjoy more powerful characters.


  • Added support for the following tooltip descriptions:
    • Combat Techniques
    • Special Movement
    • Connected, Metamorphosis, Plant Control, Sixth Sense and Summon Creatures
    • Customizations which require additional configuration
    • Various other Attributes with binary value customizations
  • Now when activating/deactivating Combat Technique which includes Rush Attack or Lightning Reflexes, their values will be added or removed, respectively, to/from rolls automatically.
  • Movement will now correctly account for Special Movement - Fast when the attribute is activated/deactivated.
  • Bug fixes.


  • Added tooltip descriptions for Control Environment, Resilient and Undetectable attributes.
  • Minor bug fixes.


  • Added standard limiter descriptions to activated attribute tooltips.


  • Added support for Attribute – Resilient.
  • Added support for Attribute – Unaffected.
  • Added tooltip descriptions for Enhancements and Limiters applied to Active Attributes.
  • Added new damage types: acid, disease, psychosomatic, and toxin.
  • Weapons will now adjust the available damage types when Enhancements Insidious or Psionic are applied.
  • Added new Armor Limiter – Disperse. Armor Rating converts 50% of normal damage stopped to Stun and applies to character. Armor Rating stops 100% of Stun damage taken.
  • Added new Forcefield Limiter – Specific. Doubles Armor Rating to 1 of 3 damage categories: chemical, energy, or physical, but does not protect against remaining 2 damage categories.
  • Attribute Options menu now opens with accordion transition rather than modal.
  • Minor bug fixes.
  • Minor performance improvement.


  • Fixed bug where in some cases, such as taking an attribute over level 6, will cause the attribute's cost to be double counted when applied to the group cost.


  • Fixed bug where Power Flux and Power Variation were not calculating pool costs correctly (uncaught bug introduced by title case change in v1.4.6).


  • Enhanced Senses characteristic now correctly shows "x Senses Remaining".


  • Added support for Telekinesis Attribute as a Weapon.
  • Enhanced Extra Arms Attribute code to correct some activation/deactivation logic.


  • Enemy Attack and Enemy Defense now apply correctly to weapon/combat rolls, and ACV and DCV rolls.


  • Maneuvers now appear in title case and with word spacing in chat.


  • Added support for Combat Technique, Rush Attack.


  • Group Types (Standard, Power Flux, and Power Variation) now display in title case.


  • Ranged Defense attribute (Personal or Movement) now apply to DCV Roll when the respective button is depressed.


  • Shield Parry Enhancement now applies to defense rolls.
  • Minor bug fixes


  • Added active Protection values to DCV Roll roll template.
  • Shock Value now correctly displays in relevant roll templates.
  • Minor bug fixes.


  • Corrected roll template for Penetrating/Piercing. Key=value descriptors were reversed.


  • Corrected initial Capacity value for Ammo. Should have been 0 instead of full Capacity value.


  • Added support for range penalties on weapons when Range Enhancement is applied (Extras rulebook).
  • Added support for weapons with Ammo Limiter.
  • Added support for weapons with Autofire Enhancement.
  • New UI additions for players to interact with Range, Ammo, and Autofire.


  • Added "Documentation" button to Sheet options menu. Pressing this button will send a link to the documentation in chat.


  • Defect, Impaired Sense, now has field to select sense.
  • Impaired Sense now affects Perception Roll.
  • Cleaned up extraneous debug messages and commented code.


  • Added support for the Swarm attribute.
  • Fixed Weapon Selection logic.
  • Temporarily removed Telekinesis attribute as a weapon. It was not implemented correctly per the Core rulebook on how this attribute can be used offensively. Will address in a future update.


  • Fixed focused ACV attributes not applying their value correctly (was 1:1 instead of 2:1).
  • Fixed Attack/Defense Mastery attributes from not applying correctly to attack/defense rolls.


  • Fixed bug where combat rolls were not using new charactername variable.


  • Added roll template for rollable attributes.
  • Fixed power flux and power variation stat assignment.
  • Removed stat assignment from attribute group (was not actually used for anything).


  • Fixed attribute group bug where attributes created in group 10 would end up in group 1.


  • Added weapon customizations to weapon attack roll templates.
  • Added protection layers to weapon defense roll templates.
  • Added shock value to weapon defense roll templates.
  • Few minor bug fixes.


  • Fixed skill group max skill point allocation when activating/deactivating skill attribute.


  • Bug fixes for Power Flux costs applied to the group and pool, and defect point returns when applied to a power flux group.
  • Fixed bug where weapon attributes could not be activated without adding the accuracy customization.


  • Fixed character point management bug where auto-calc totals would not process.


  • Changed all aspects and major aspect stat management to only switch when a shortcoming defect is active that would change the character's stat context accordingly. Previously this was a manual process.


  • Inventory default value changed to <null>, placeholder added to contain default value.


  • Fixed Conditions buttons not setting state correctly. Fixed Conditions buttons not showing depressed state.


  • Centered tab buttons. Non-functional change.


  • New character sheet adding support for BESM 4e, core and extras rulesets.