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Black Crusade

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This page is about playing the Warhammer 40,000 RPG Black Crusade on roll20 The macros may be used in any Fantasy Flight Games RPG for 40k but they may require adaptation

Macro and Characteristic structure

The d100 system and it's reliance on degrees of success makes Black Crusade macros very unconventional in their structure and the way you read the outcomes. Your character sheet must be set up with all stats you wish to use, you may use the abbreviations if for the skills if you wish but the designation in the macro and the character sheet must be the same.


  • Ability test, this formula allows you to enter a success DC including a set modifier. The outcome of the roll will show you a positive number if you succeed and a negative number if you fail, the tens digit is the number of degrees of success or failure.
/roll -1*(1d100) +@{Characteristic} +Anymodifiers
  • Ability test, same as above but allows you to enter any modifier you choose each time you roll. The number in the modifier field is the default.
/roll -1*(1d100) +@{Characteristic} +?{modifier|0}
  • Psyker focus power test
/roll -1*1d100+@{Willpower} +10+10*(@{Psy Rating} -?{modifier|0})
  • Initiative roll
/roll 1d10+floor(@{Agility} /10) &{tracker}
  • Rending quality weapons, this example is for a chainsword so the damage pool may change and the (@{Strength} /10) may be uneeded
/roll 2d10d1+2+floor(@{Strength} /10)

R damage, 2 Pen

  • You should include a descriptor in the macro so everyone knows what the roll is for, example
PLAYER'S Weapon Skill test: /roll -1*(1d100) +@{Characteristic} +?{modifier|0}
  • "Advanced dice roller", allows for characteristic input followed by modifier input and will display degrees of success. 0.0 and above equals a success and every 1 is a degree of success, if it says - in front of the number you have failed with said degrees of failure.
/roll ((?{Skill value} + ?{modifier|0})-1d100)/10