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Castle Falkenstein

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Castle Falkenstein


This page describes how to use the Castle Falkenstein sheet by GiGs, created for this Sheet Author guide.


Designing a Character

When first creating a character sheet, the portrait image and the abilities sections will both be empty.

Showing Abilities


Click the little tickbox at the top right of the sheet and you'll see a big list of ability names, as shown. Just tick the abilities you want to display and they'll appear on the character sheet.

Showing the Portrait

The portrait box will display whatever bio picture you have. So just follow the normal procedure to add a picture on the bio tab, and it will appear here. You can then go back to the config pane, and click which portrait option makes it look the best.

Custom Abilities

If you add custom abilities (like the bottom one shown on the pic to right), click the dropdown to the left to set what suit the ability uses in play.

Other Matters

In this section are four headings - Treasury, Trappings, Special Abilities, and Personal Notes. If you click them, they'll expand to reveal a text box for you to enter your own information. A later version of the sheet will add Repeating Sections here, but the goal was to keep this first sheet simple.

Entering Other Details

The rest of the sheet is straightforward. Just add information where you need it.

Using the Sheet

Ability Rolls

Click the button to the right of the ability rank, and a roll is made in chat. It's that simple! There are options on the configuration screen for whether your character name appears in chat, and whether you should enter the card value you are adding to the roll. If you know how castle Falkenstein works, that should be simple.

Average Abilities

The Abilities title is a button. Click that and you'll be prompted for the name of an Ability and its suit, and it's pasted in chat with Average value. That way you don't have to enter all the Average abilities you possess on the sheet, just for the occasional roll.

Future Plans

This sheet was created for a guide to creating character sheets. Future versions will add sheet workers, repeating sections, rolltemplates, and translations. But for the purpose of the guide, one step must be taken at a time.