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Gabriel aka Chuky is a university student that has been playing RPG and storytelling games as long as he can remember. He is either deeply passionate and dedicated towards all the shows he hosts and takes part in, or he's having a torrid affair with one of his d20's. Nobody is entirely sure which one it is yet. Stay tuned.



Gabriel aka Chuky is a student at the University of East Anglia. He studies English Literature with Creative writing, which helps him craft richer and more immersive worlds as a GM. He does the washing up when he's sufficiently bribed, and makes some seriously dope and dreamy cheesy-egg and potato fritter things. I can't remember the exact recipe because it was four am and we were smashed, but my goodness the caramelized cheese and the eggs just complimented one another perfectly... ahem... Gabriel is also the PR director for the up-and-coming student magazine Octarine, where his tireless efforts keep the lights on and the ideas bouncing around. He is of medium build and looks like the sexiest substitute teacher in the world.

He hosts a variety of D&D and other RPG shows on his channel, but also guests on several other channels. From insane 24hr D&D marathons for charity to unique format D&D shows or weird Call of Cthulhu adventures, you can find all of that on his channel. Besides that he often does map-making streams where he sits down and creates maps for D&D adventures with the help of his viewers and is more than happy to help his community members with any advice on D&D or GM'ing related matters.

Featured Games & Editions

Call of Cthulhu (7e)
D&D (2e)

D&D (5e)

Live Schedule

Sunday Sunday Monday Thursday Friday Saturday
Title Let the Dice Roll Shenanigans Togas and Tentacles The Gems of Power It Has Tentacles Dragon's Roar - Journey to the Edge of Sight
Game System D&D (5e) D&D (2.5e) Call of Cthulhu (7e) D&D (5e) Call of Cthulhu (7e) D&D (5e)
Time Varied 7pm BST 6pm BST 8pm BST 8pm BST 7pm BST
*Chuky's full schedule content can also be found here.

Show Information

Let the Dice Roll

A small adventures show packed with intensity and heavy storytelling. Adventures are 2-3 sessions long and they are all in the same world and timeline. The cast constantly changes with new players and characters every adventure.

*Cast is constantly changing, previously guest can be found here.


One of the only D&D 2.5e shows out there, the cast is constantly changing every week as the show is based around a tavern called Shenanigans where the adventurers get in trouble or find trouble every week.

*Cast is constantly changing.

Togas and Tentacles

A show set in the times of Emperor Octavian of the Roman Empire, where the party is working under the Empire to eliminate all paranormal threat to the world!

Togas and Tentacles Cast



The Gems of Power

A D&D 5e show in a homebrew world, named Eirin, created by Chuky. The show has a unique format where every month the DM changes from one member of the cast to another, keeping the DM'ing style unique and fresh, with multiple takes and perspective on the world.

The Gems of Power Cast



It Has Tentacles

A Call of Cthulhu show where the focus falls on intense role-playing and detective work, where every combat section is short, brutal and extremely dangerous. The setting is in the 1920's in New York.

It Has Tentacles Cast

Joakim as "GM"


Dragon's Roar

An epic high-level D&D adventure in the young ages of the world of Eirin where the parties quest is to prove themselves worthy in their Journey to the Edge of Sight.

Dragon's Roar Cast



YouTube Content

Pinball Storytellers

A show where Chuky and his co-host Justin take familiar fairy-tales or children stories and play them in a RPG format adding an element of chaos to it. The best example of this is the first episode in the show.


Redemption of the New Guard is one of the first shows out there to take the D&D 5e system from it's early stages and play it out. It is an epic world where 3 senior players with more that 50 years of D&D between them are DM'ed by Chuky.