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Covert Ops

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Macro for a D00 Die Roll

Covert Ops is utilizes the D00lite rule engine that uses rolls of 0-99 instead of the usual D100 results of 1-100. This means you need to create a simple macro to roll this properly:

/r 1d100 -1

You can make it a bit more useful by including a pop up asking for the modifier to apply to the roll. The result is then final.

/r (1d100) + ?{Mod|0} -1

The same as an Inline Roll.

/em rolls a [[1d100 + ?{Mod|0} -1]]

Macro for Initiative

Initiative uses a "Roll number of dice, keep highest" mechanic. This macro will open a pop up window and ask you to input your initiative value. The result will be added to the turn tracker for the currently selected token.

/r ?{Initiative}d10k1 &{tracker}

The same as an inline roll:

/em rolls initiative [[?{Initiative}d10k1 &{tracker} ]]

Creating A Custom Deck for Bones

  1. In order to easily track Bones, you can create a custom card deck (l Collections-tab, "Add" button).
  2. Pick an image to use as the card background and upload it, and then create a card.
  3. Upload an image to use as the card front.
  4. Set "Cards in deck are infinite." Shuffle the deck once and your basic bones deck is complete.