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Dark Heresy 2nd Edition

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Macro and Characteristic structure

The d100 system and its reliance on degrees of success makes Dark Heresy macros very unconventional in their structure and the way you read the outcomes. Your character sheet must be set up with all stats you wish to use, you may use the abbreviations for the skills if you wish but the designation in the macro and the character sheet must be the same.


Dark Heresy 2nd Edition

*Remove All "Quotes" All formulas will show you the outcome of the roll if it a positive number if you succeed if a negative number you fail. With the ten digits showing your number of success or failures +/- 1. (EX: 06 would be one success, 10 would be two successes.) For these tests to work you must have set up a character and have access to his/her Abilities/Attributes page. You must have a token representing that character and have that token selected. If you do not want tokens simply replace "selected" with "Character Name".

  • Psyker focus power test. The Psy Rating (PR) is the number you are subtracting from your current PR (Ex: You have 5 PR and you subtract 4, you get a bonus of +40) For your modifier you must add or subtract depending on whether you have a Psy Focus and the abilities base modifier.
/roll -1*1d100-((@{selected|Willpower} +(?{Psy Rating Mod|0}*10)+?{modifier|0})*-1)
  • Advanced Psyker focus power test. This includes all damage automaticly calculated for the Molten Beam Power. The (@{Selected|Psy Rating} -?{Psy Rating Mod}) Takes your characters Psy Rating and subtracts your Psy Rating Modifier.
/me uses Molten Beam and gets [[-1*1d100-((@{Selected|Willpower}+(?{PsyRatingMod|0}*10) +?{modifier|0})*-1)]] 
Above/Bellow. He deals[[(1d10+5)+((@{Selected|PsyRating} -?{PsyRatingMod})*3)]] damage with pen 
[[((@{Selected|PsyRating} -?{PsyRatingMod})*2)]]
  • Ability test, you must choose your Characteristic from your sheet as stated above.
/roll -1*(1d100) +@{selected|"Characteristic"} +?{modifier|0}
  • Initiative roll
/roll 1d10+[[floor(@{selected|Agility} /10)]] &{tracker}
  • Basic Ranged Attack
/roll -1*1d100-((@{Selected|Ballistic Skill}+?{Modifier|0})*-1)


/me attacks with his Las Pistol does and shoots [[-1*1d100-((@{Selected|Ballistic Skill}+?{Modifier|0})*-1)]] 
Over/Under dealing [[{1d10+2}]] damage.
  • Tearing quality weapons, this example is for a chainsword so the damage pool may change.
/roll 2d10d1+2+[[floor(@{Selected|Strength} /10)]]

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