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EncounterRoleplay is a TTRPG show streaming 5 nights a week on Twitch. They focus on interactive streams in which the audience is involved.



Since starting our show in March of 2015, Encounter Roleplay has remained committed to improving our viewers' experience. In less than a year's time we have expanded our team, doubled our stream schedule, serialized our streams onto our YouTube channel, and launched a community website and Patreon campaign. We now offer five consecutive evenings of Dungeons and Dragons live-roleplay streaming every week (Sunday - Thursday, 4-7pm ET) with a monthly 24 hour stream event on the third or fourth Saturday of every month. In addition to our consistent concurrent viewers and steady growth of followers, our channel is proud to draw in a remarkable amount of support through viewer donations.

We credit this support to our engaging role playing and our innovative use of viewer decisions to directly influence the stories of our games. In a recent opinion poll we conducted with our mods, they all pointed to the viewer interactivity and the accessible low barrier of entry as the defining features of our stream. Being partnered on twitch would not only give our enthusiastic viewers the opportunity to support our channel in a more consistent way, but it would enable us to continue our growth as a stream. Specific plans for our use of future funds include expanding our schedule to 7 nights a week, commissioning professional artists for our visuals, and participating in live community events and cons. We feel that, as partners, we would provide the twitch community with a hallmark indie role playing stream committed to our uniquely interactive viewer experience.

Featured Games & Editions

5E D&D

Stars Without Number

Live Schedule

Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday (Monthly) Saturday (Monthly)
Title Dungeon Master's Workshop Sins of the Last Council Wild Cards Out of the Abyss The Beasts of Umber D20 Dating 24 Hour D&D Stream
Game System D&D 5E Numenera Stars Without Number D&D 5E D&D 5E D&D 5E D&D 5E
Time 4pm ET 4pm ET 4pm ET 4pm ET 4pm ET 4pm ET 7am ET
Channel Twitch Twitch Twitch Twitch Twitch Twitch Twitch

EncounterRoleplay Rotating Cast



Show Descriptions & VODs

Dungeon Master's Workshop

A D&D Advice show, walking new DMs and Old through some tips and tricks to improve their own DMing.

Numenera: Sins of the Last Council

Three Wasteland heroes must fight their way through terrible foes to learn the fate of the World before them.

Stars Without Number: Wild Card

A raucous rabble of ruffians bumble their way through Space and Time in this Space-faring adventure!

D&D 5E: Out of the Abyss

Drow have stolen Orin Lightvein's daughter. He is willing to destroy anything in his path to save his daughter, and plans an assault on the Drow Capital, Menzoberranzzan.

D&D 5E: The Beasts of Umber

A Show for Viewers and new players to join in on, this show sends a mercenary group out into the Dunes of Umber.

D&D 5E: D20 Dating

3 guys, 1 guy. No cups. Romance & Dungeons and Dragons come together in this hilarious game show!

24 Hour D&D Stream

Every single month we stream D&D for 24 Hours.

Additional iTunes Content

The Encounter Roleplay Podcast

A Dungeons & Dragons talk show and advice column!