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Exploding Dice

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Exploding Dice is a weekly Pathfinder gaming group! We get together every Sunday for games of adventure, roleplay, and shennanigans, and have a great time doing it!



Exploding Dice is a group that started like any normal Roll20 gaming group, with a DM meeting some strangers to hopefully get together and play a campaign, with the only difference being that everyone seemed to suggest putting the game on a livestream and see how we enjoyed it. Since then, we've been playing every week and having a blast learning the craft, and hopefully entertaining new viewers each week.

Our original channel host enjoys livestreaming his own video game live-plays, and we're all avid gamers of many stripes. Our DM hosts a weekly show every Tuesday where he discusses RPGs, brings guests on to cover topics teaching new DMs how to improve their craft, and answering live questions.

Featured Games & Editions


Live Schedule

Sunday Tuesday
Title Exploding Dice: Pathfinder Jade Regent Adventure Path Fuzzy Dice: The DM Show
Game System Pathfinder NA
Time 8pm ET 8pm ET

Show Descriptions & VODs

Jade Regent

A high fantasy adventure in the world of Golarion, where players unite with a friend to travel across the continent in search of their shared destiny in exotic lands.

Show Title Cast

Brian as GM
Kyle as "Davneiros Marduzi"
Chris as "Irina Yelizaveta"
Jackson as "Marlock McFlintlock"

Ian as "Sochi Nakagome"

Marketplace Content

Quick Encounters: Swamps
Quick Encounters: Swamps 2

Featured API Scripts

Our Roll20 game makes heavy use of the Pro features and many API scripts to enhance our gameplay including:

Dynamic Lighting

Turn Manager
Inspired Rollers

And other minor hand-tweaked scripts to add to the experience.