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External Journal

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Where to find the External Journal

Main Page: Journal

If the game's creator is a
info or
info-subscriber, you can easily view your Handouts & Character's bio outside of the campaign.
External journal page for a campaign. displaying handouts & characters

Located on the Game Details page, under the Content dropdown menu, along with access to your Chat Archive and Game Forums.

This is great for checking up on things in-between gaming sessions without the hassle of loading up the whole tabletop. You can also keep the External Journal open in a separate tab or browser window, or even on another screen.

The External Journal updates in real-time. So if a change is made to a character’s bio, you don’t need to reload, you’ll see the change right away. This really enables you to use the External Journal as a play aid during your Roll20 games.


  • If you have large handouts & need to search them for a certain word, you can open them in the External Journal and use ctrl+F to find it, where as you can't use ctrl+F inside Roll20.
    • Search API(Forum) -- provides full text searching across handouts and characters (including attributes). Search respects permissions on handouts and characters.