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Fading Suns 4th Edition: Pax Alexius

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Fading Suns 4th Edition Pax Alexius.preview-en.jpg

This is a guide to the Roll20 "Fading Suns 4th Edition: Pax Alexius" character sheet.

Sheet guide

The character sheet is designed to look similar to the paper sheet published by Ulisses International. It is quite simple and should be self-explanatory for the most part.

If you believe something you should be documented here, feel free to do so or contact the sheet author.

A tip for Favorable / Unfavorable rolls

Clicking on a roll button twice, specifying the same bonus/penalty twice (when it's not 0), can be somewhat cumbersome. As a shortcut, you may:

Make your first roll using a roll button found in the sheet (either on a skill or on an action (maneuver/attack). Then, immediately after this first roll, while in the chat box, press the up key on your keyboard then Enter. There you go, you rolled twice!

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