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Fumbling and Mumbling

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Fumbling and Mumbling was once a UK based face-to-face roleplaying group; disaster struck in 2014 when one of their players relocated to Canada. Fortunately Roll20 has allowed them to continue playing.

The Fumbling and Mumbling podcast can be found on iTunes or on their website at



A group of roleplayers based primarily in Cardiff in the UK. Once upon a time they were a face to face roleplaying and boardgaming group and have bumbled their way through a variety of different games including Mutants and Masterminds, 7th Sea, Warhammer Fantasy, Vampire, Edge of the Empire and many others. Disaster struck in 2014 when one of their players relocated to Canada. Fortunately with the help of Roll20 and Google Hangouts they were able to continue playing.

After a handful of one shots to test the set up they decided to record their sessions, edit them into something a bit more reasonable (nobody wants to listen to them talk about pizza and pie for twenty minutes) and release them as a podcast. At least initially they are playing Dungeon World but they are also planning to record an ongoing Call of Cthulhu 7th Edition campaign and a Star Wars Force and Destiny game.

Other interests of the group include computer programming, comic books, science fiction and fantasy literature, a vast array of board games and some of them even brave the outdoors to enjoy things like cycling, longboarding and even snowboarding.

Fumbling and Mumbling Cast

Ben Halbert as Game Master
Fiona Humphreys as Meryth, the Ranger
Matthew Clementson as Ruidor, the Druid

Stephen Humphreys as Emery Dunwick, the Necromancer

More information is available here:

Featured Games & Editions

Dungeon World

Show Descriptions & VODs

Fumbling and Mumbling

Fumbling and Mumbling is currently playing Dungeon World. This is a brand new campaign which is starting from scratch including character creation and world building. Learn how the system works and learn to love improv and narrative heavy gaming!

Marketplace Content

A whole host of different packs but for Dungeon World the most extensively used are the Old World Style sets from Russ Hapke and assorted Devin Night tokens. When we get back to Call of Cthulhu we use the 1920s sets from Paul Ooshun.

Game Settings

Our set up consists of three face to face players (in the UK) and one remote player (in Canada). Essentially we are sat around a table with a TV on the wall, the GM (myself) uses a laptop and tablet combination to run both player and GM instances of Roll20 and the remote player uses a laptop for Roll20 and an iPad for Google Hangouts.

Two members of the group are Pro subscribers and although we are not currently using any API scripts for Dungeon World we have used them for Star Wars in the past (and will likely do so again for Force and Destiny).