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Game Discussion Forum

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Main Page: Game Management

Each game has an exclusive forum. It behaves exactly like the public Roll20 forums. Everyone in the game can create their own threads on this forum and also make replies. The game's Creator and GMs all have access to the Sink, Sticky/unsticky, Delete, and Restore commands on individual posts & comments within this forum.

  • Sink command will keep a thread at the bottom of the forum regardless of activity.
  • Sticky/unsticky Command will pin the thread to the top of the forum.
  • Delete command will remove the post's text from view by those who are not the Creator or GMs. Deleting the first post in a thread will remove the entire thread from the Game Discussion Forum.
    • posts & comments deleted by the Creator/GM becomes invisible to everyone(also Creator/GM), and can only be seen by the original writer.
  • Restore posts & comments deleted by the Creator/GM can only be restored by the writer of the post/comment, if the writer is Creator/GM.

This section of the Game Details Page only shows the ten most recent posts from the Game Discussion Forum. To see the entire discussion forum, click on the ‘’’View All Posts >’’’ link at the bottom of the Page.

Clicking on the + Post New Topic button redirect you to full Game Discussion Forum so that you can begin drafting a new forum thread.

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