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GeneFunk 2090 sheet v.1.00

Info page for the Official GeneFunk 2090 Roll20 Character Sheet. Created by Scott C..

The sheet was published on Roll20 September 15th, 2020.

In April 2021, it received a major update to v.1.12. June 2021 it got fixes to the statblock importer.



You can toggle roll whispers from the buttons at the top of the sheet, or from the Settings page.

Most or all stats are the same for PC & NPC

  • @{hp} & @{temp_hp} tracks you HP & temp HP
  • @{ac} tracks your armor class
  • %{selected|initiative} rolls initiative to t Turn Tracker, if token is selected.


The PC sheet have a Core & Hacks tab.


To set a sheet to be in NPC mode, go to the Settings page and press on the NPC button.