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The Roll20 Help Center (a.k.a. Helpdesk / Zendesk ) is the location of all official Roll20 Documentation.
The Roll20 Roll20 Help Center front page

The Help Center was created in 2020 to separate official documentation from the wiki, and the wiki was left as an active Community Wiki.

Bug Reports, account issues and similar requests, are submitted through the web form existing on the Help Center.

The Help Center can be seen as having better documentation on some newer Roll20 features, while some some sections of the Community Wiki will remain better maintained (by the community), such as documentation related to Building Character Sheets, macro creation, and pages for popular Roll20 sheets such as D&D 5E by Roll20.

When looking up info about Roll20, it's a good idea to check both the Community Wiki and the Roll20 Help Center.

Community Wiki

Main Page: About:Community Wiki

The Roll20 Wiki will stay as an Community Wiki, where users can share and update info on various aspects of Roll20, see the About-page for more details.

The Community Wiki is also more likely to address existing issues or quirks on some features, and link to relevant recent discussions on the topic, as well as containing bunch of user-created general guides covering topics that might fall through the cracks for the Official Documentation.