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Sorry,I have a question. I create a game and I want my friend join in,but they can't see my game on the LFG list. I check my game.

Listing Status: Shown This listing is currently being shown to players in the LFG tool search results. But why I cant's see my game on the LFG?


Apparent Screen Error

A friend sent me a link to join his Savage Worlds game. When I join the game the window shows the map at the top of the screen with only 1/4" visible. I have attempted to move it using the normal drag/click drag/shift click methods but I am unable to move the map at all. Because the map is so far up I am only able to see the "As: Player Name" box, the tools window, and the move box. I have tried reloading the game multiple times but have had no luck. Any help will be greatly appreciated. Thank you!if (window.EBMessageReceived) {window.EBMessageReceived(decodeURIComponent('undefined'),decodeURIComponent('undefined'));}

All tokens and objects suddenly went transparent

During editing a map; adding token terrain and features, all objects in background and token layer became semi-transparent. Everything is on the correct layer...I checked. Whats going on.?

5e Character Sheet Attack Buttons Inactive

    I've played a considerable amount of D&D on Roll20, and have made many characters in the 5e character sheets. However, all of the characters I end up making attacks or spells for have the buttons with (Name,ATK Bonus,Damage/Type) greyed out and don't roll the attack or spell in the chat. 
    Occasionally, I'm able to get a DM to fix it by switching the proficiency modifier for the attack roll. This fix doesn't work when I replicate it, even in a room where I'm the DM.
    For now, I can manage with the macro bar if I only have a handful of attacks or spells. But if I ever want to have a large spell list, or make characters for others, I'm going to have to fix this.


noob question

Sorry for the noob question. I am new to roll20 and am trying to DM the first module in Tales From the Yawning Portal. I can see the maps etc. but can't seem to find the room descriptions anywhere! What am I missing here? Thanks in advance for the help, and I hope this is the right place to ask.