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Info on the Ironsworn Roll20 character sheet.

Sheet was originally created by Davemania in July 2018, and since December 2019 have been managed by Ayethin, with explicit approval by Shawn Tomkin(creator of Ironsworn).



Character Sheet Tutorial (Jul 17, 2021)


  • Character sheet supports translations, and is at least partially translated to Spanish & German.

Progress boxes

Original Sheet Author's explanation(Forum):

My understanding of the rules was that a box needed to be ticked four times to mark progress. On a paper sheet this would be accomplished by drawing /, \, |, - to make a star out of four ticks. On the electronic sheet one tick is represented with a -, two ticks with a +, three ticks with a *, and four ticks with a #. Every four ticks equal one progress.


The character sheet has an internal changelog page, which you can view in-game.

See Character Sheet - Recent Changes for detailed changes to sheet