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Users can use JavaScript Wikipedia-Black-W.png on Roll20 in two different cases, both of which are fairly restricted, and requires
info subscription to access:

1. Character Sheets: When editing or creating custom character sheets, JavaScript can be used in sheetworkers for creating more advanced backend features.
2. API Scripts: When editing or creating API Scripts.
  • The Roll20 API functions by running a special server-side virtual machine for each campaign. This provides an API sandbox where your custom scripts can run without any danger of them affecting other user's campaigns.


Versions used in Roll20, such as the API Sandbox, and Character Sheet's sheetworkers.


Should be at least ES2018, shows ECMAScript versions & features for each node version.


Roll20's sheetworkers & API runs on Node v12.16.3. (As of 2021-05-17, source: The Aaron).

See Also: Javascript:Best Practices