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Jesse Cox

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Puckish rogue. General nuisance. Theoretical Motivator.


Jesse Cox is an internet personality in the same way acne is a personality on the face of a 13 year old. He's everywhere, whether you want him there or not. After getting his start with World of Warcraft videos in 2010, Jesse went on to create countless awful Let's Plays and ruin a wide variety of other people's content. Avid RPG player and D&D nerd, Jesse continues to plague the internet with his lawful chaos.


Featured Games & Editions

Call of Cthulhu
D&D (5e)
Star Wars RPG

Vampire: The Requiem

YouTube Content

RollPlay: R&D Maid RPG

The cast tries to earn the favor of their master Steven Lumpkin in this special episode of RollPlay where the gang dives into Maid RPG for one night only. You've been warned.

RollPlay R&D - Numenera

RollPlay R&D is the fourth and final show of the series. It features Luperza, djWHEAT, JP, and Steven Lumpkin in an ever-changing table-top campaign and guests featuring Jesse as the Season 4 guest.