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Roll20 ReRoll 10: Jumpgate Beta,
D&D Character Builder, Waterdeep: Dungeon of the Mad Mage Remaster (April. 2024)
On June 13th, Jumpgate beta became available to all paid subscribers.


See Changelog on the Help Center for latest list of changes.

June 5th

💾 Saving multiple sides on multi-sided tokens when setting as default for a character sheet now works as intended 🔎 ‘Shift Z” key now zooms focus to show art to players 🌫️ We’ve made Fog of War updates to allow users to turn on explorer mode from the Fog of War Menu, made slight performance improvements to dynamic lighting games where explorer mode wasn’t on, and fixed some minor button styling in the menu. 🖊️ Issues with the pen tool, trash button, Measure Tool lingering, Toolbar menus, tooltips hovering, and other Tabletop issues have been resolved. ✔️ We’ve added some quality of life and usability improvements such as a more generous double-click threshold, clearer indication of what will be (or already is) selected, improved token marker sizing, and adjusted language on buttons in the right sidebar. ❕ Users can now transmogrify from non-Jumpgate games into Jumpgate games. 🔊 Legacy voice and videos has been removed from Jumpgate games. 🐞 We’ve squashed a couple Jumpgate related bugs including: edited macros work as intended, proper displays for the freehand tool on the Dynamic Lighting layer, and token snapping. 💬 Tutorial translations have been updated and optimized!
   June 2024 blogpost(Blog)


tl;dr: we’re in the process of a major modernization of the Roll20 tabletop that we’re calling Project Jumpgate. It is a faster, more performant VTT, with a beautiful modern interface, built on top of the latest web technology that will last us well into the future. Whether you’re on a desktop, an old college laptop, a chromebook, or a tablet, we expect you and your friends to have an incredible experience. Pro subscribers can opt-in to the Jumpgate Beta starting today (March 27th)!
   Riley Dutton, Roll20 Blog, Mar 27, 2024