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Jasmine (aka leechwitch) has been playing pen & paper RPGs since she was 13, and as a self-confessed control freak she likes GMing the best. She lives in Scotland with two cats and an overwhelming collection of black clothes.



After a brief foray into child stardom (a little known 90s indie vampire flick, Blood Junkies.) Jasmine abandoned the Scottish film scene and decided to turn her acting talents to doing stupid NPC voices instead. She still holds the horror genre close to her heart, and enjoys running campaigns with a good mix of character drama, ridiculous monsters, and spooky political intrigue.

Jasmine firmly believes that diversity will strengthen and improve nerd culture, and hopes to share this attitude with the community! Her love of gaming (both tabletop and video varieties) spans back to her childhood, and she plans to add more of those things to her livestream repertoire soon. In her spare time she is training to become a vet nurse, and constantly saving money for more tattoos.

Featured Games & Editions

5E D&D

Live Schedule

Title Dicey Dames!
Game System 5E D&D
Time 8pm GMT

Show Descriptions & VODs

Dicey Dames

Born from the frustration of always being the only woman in every RPG group they joined, this all-female romp through the Forgotten Realms has been compared by some to a Magical Girl anime. Combat-lite and story heavy, join the girls as they complete their personal quests for justice.

Dicey Games Cast

Jasmine as The GM
Zita as “Absu Black”
Anna as "Keth"
Kris as "Vistra Ironbrew"

Lauren as “Lelani”

Marketplace Content

Devin Token Pack 41 - Two Legged Fiends (KS)
Quick Encounters: Ships Pack 1

Sceneficant Maps: Ranger's Folio