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Legend of the Five Rings (5e/FFG)

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This wiki page provides a comprehensive guide to setting up and running a game of FFG's 5th edition of Legend of the Five Rings. Because of FFG's unique version of the Roll and Keep system, the dice mechanic of this game can only be accomplished in two ways on Roll20's platform - via Roll Tables and via an API script. This method details specifically the API version sheet.



Selecting the Character Sheet

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Selecting the API Script

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Game Setup

This section details the various options that I recommend for running a game using this system. None of these are requirements - only suggestions on what I believe works best.

Game Options

Inside your Roll20 campaign, at the top right click the y icon to view the "My Settings Tab". Scroll down to Token Bar Colors + Display Settings and change the bars to the following colors:

  • Bar 1: #98744e
  • Bar 2: #64919e
  • Bar 3: #474241

Token Setup

The following are the best options for setting up your tokens.

Player Character Tokens

Basic Tab

  • Set Bar 1 to character_fatigue
  • Set Bar 2 to character_strife
  • Set Bar 3 to character_void_points

Advanced Tab

  • Check "Has Sight"
  • Set "Emits Light" to 5 Ft, -5 Ft, 360 degrees.

This will set their fatigue, strife, and void bars, allow them to see on maps with dynamic lighting, and reveal a very small area around them with a dim light to represent characters feeling their way around in the dark.

If you're using the API script "Torch", I'll have a section later about setting up a macro to quickly change the light radius to represent the torch turning on and off - much quicker than manually editing the token.

NPC Tokens

Basic Tab

  • Set Bar 1 to npc_fatigue
  • Set Bar 2 to npc_strife

This will allow you to track fatigue and strife on the tokens.

Army Tokens

Basic Tab

  • Set Bar 1 to army_casualties
  • Set Bar 2 to army_panic

This allows you to track casualties and panic, which are the Army's version of fatigue and strife.

Using the Sheet

Below is general information on how the sheet

Collapsable Headers

Many of the header sections can be collapsed to hide the content below it. This allows you to get information that doesn't regularly change out of view, and scroll less.

Player Sheet

The player sheet is designed to be used for Player Characters. It can be used for complex NPCs as well, but I'd recommend against it from a GMing perspective - the NPC sheet is designed to have everything an NPC needs at quick access.

Basic Information

Changing the Character Name here changes the name of the handout in Roll20, and vice versa. The rest of this section is self explanatory.

Basic Statistics

Endurance, Composure, and Void are set to be trackable on tokens. We'll cover that in the token section.

Focus and Vigilance each have a roll button next to them for Initiative checks. With L5R the players should roll their appropriate skill check (depending on the type of encounter) to determine how many bonus successes (if any) to add to the Initiative check first. Then, being sure to select your token first, roll Vigilance or Focus as appropriate and enter the number of bonus successes in the popup. If your token was selected, it will be automatically added to the Initiative Order window in Roll20.

Narrative Tab

When rolling skills, make sure to always select an approach before rolling.

For the modifiers field, you can add bonuses from techniques etc. Currently, you can only add bonus symbols, you cannot currently subtract symbols.

To add a dice to the roll, or a symbol to the modifiers, simply type in the number you wish to add (1-9) and the letter code for the dice symbol, with a space between each modifier you want to add. For example:

  • 1r adds 1 ring dice
  • 1r 1o adds 1 ring dice, and 1 opportunity

The letter codes are

  • s for skill dice
  • r for ring dice
  • c for success
  • x for exploding success
  • f for strife
  • o for opportunity

These modifier fields appear all over the sheet, and all use the same code.

Combat Tab

In the stances and conditions section, simply click on stances or conditions your character is currently affected by. Hovering over each will describe its effects. Likewise, hovering over the Light Wounds, Severe Wounds, or Afflictions header explains those conditions.

Techniques Tab

On the techniques tab, the top bar of technique types is to select which are available to your school.

On the individual list of techniques, select the icon associated with each to see the correct text fields for that technique. To save space, the text boxes are small, but expand when you click inside them to make it easier to fill out, or look at when you need to recall how a technique works.

Experience Tab

The experience in each rank is automatically added for you. Remember that XP spent outside your schools curriculum counts for half towards your next school rank. This is automatically included in the calculation.

Notes Tab

You can keep any notes you need to for your character here.

NPC Sheet

The NPC sheet has many of the same sections as the Player Sheet, just condensed. As NPC profiles don't get individual skill ranks, just click on the skill category to roll. Instead of selecting an approach, it will simply ask you how many ring dice to add. Note: You still need to select an approach for attack rolls.

GM Sheet

This sheet is intended to be used by the GM and kept open during the game on another tab or monitor.

Dice Roller

Whenever you need to make a roll for an NPC you made up on the fly, this will make it a little easier.

Party Tracker

Here you can have a quick glance of the Vigilance and Ninjo/Giri (and a button to select who's turn it is on the discord track) for each member of the party.

Experience Tracker

Here you can keep track of the EXP you'd like to award at the end of the session. The roll button will post all fields in the chat so that the players can record it, and know what they did to earn it.


Here you can keep notes for yourself quickly during the game.

Court Sheet

This is the same as the court sheet on FFG's website. You can use it to help your players keep track of all the persons at a Court scene.

Army Sheet

Here you can keep track of mass combat Armies and their Cohorts, with a check box to keep track of who has used their turn each round, and a field for the Army commander's orders for the round so you don't forget by the end of it.

Complimentary API Scripts

There are a number of API scripts that will be helpful. Here are some of them, along with some Macros to make good use of them for L5R.

Token Mod


Combat Tracker