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Live From Beyond

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Live From Beyond streams a pen and paper RPG live every Tuesday at 7:30pm EST.



Unbound by mortal conceptions of genre or system, Live From Beyond strives to bring you the very best of weird and fantastic fiction. They are a group of friends from the NY/NJ area who are passionate about narrative focused gaming, storytelling, horror, and the best bad accents you'll ever hear. Live games stream on Tuesday nights, with occasional additional content. In their spare time, the team likes homebrewing, playing soccer, visiting botanical gardens, and... playing RPGs in person.

Featured Games & Editions

Eclipse Phase
Trail of Cthulhu
Cypher System

Apocalpse World

Live Schedule

Title Million Year Echo
Game System Eclipse Phase
Time 7:30pm ET

Show Descriptions & VODs

Show Title Cast



Eclipse Phase: Million Year Echo

We are currently playing Eclipse Phase. A group of firewall agents are seeking to find a scientist with a dangerous secret. Follow us live on Twitch as they travel to the TITAN Quarantine Zone to find answers.

Eclipse Phase: Ego Hunter

In a world of transhuman horror and conspiracy four egos investigate a mysterious disappearance. This is a one-episode game filmed in February 2015 and broken up into three videos.

Trail of Cthulhu: Eternal Lies

A group of investigators travel around the globe seeking answers about a cult dedicated to the mysterious Liar from Beyond. This ongoing series has had 4 modules so far (Savannah, LA, Mexico City, Yucatan) with another coming up in June (Malta).

Eclipse Phase: The Devotees

Four Firewall agents are dispatched to investigate troubling reports from Legba, home of the notorious Nine Lives gang. Recorded August 2015.