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Main Page: Complete Guide to Macros & Rolls#Markdown

Some Markdown Wikipedia-Black-W.png can be used to style text & roll output seen in Roll20's q Text Chat.

Markdown is available to let you bold, italic, bold-italic, create a hyperlinks, or include even an image in your macros and text as they appear in the q Text Chat. You can use basic Markdown syntax in your text chat messages. We don't support the entire breadth of everything Markdown can do (like headers), but rather just basic formatting. Here's a quick rundown:

Format Syntax
Italicize Text *text to italicize*
Bold Text **text to bold**
Bold & Italicize Text ***text to bold & italicize***
Code ``Code``
Link to URL [Google](, [Dodge](
Image [Roll20 Logo](

Alternative to adding the markdown into the macros, you can sometimes add the markdown to your Character Attributes, so you can have a universal macro, and make individual adjustment to to how you want each output to look like.


/em his **@{bob|height}** tall, and can be described as: @{bob|description}.

Note on Code: The extra backtick at the start of the code snippet is required due to the backtick character also being the character used to escape commands.

Note on Images: Including an image is just putting in a link to an image. If the link ends in .png, .jpg, .jpeg, or .gif, we will automatically insert an image tag in addition to linking to the source image.

You can use the Markdown formatting in general messages, whispers (/w), descriptions (/desc), and emotes (/em). You can also include Markdown formatting in the values you pass to Roll Templates and it should work fine. For example:
 {{attack= [[1d20]] vs **AC**}}