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Marvel Multiverse Role-Playing Game

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Marvel Multiverse Role-Playing Game by Roll20 was released on Aug. 2nd, 2023. It's preceded by the playtest sheet.

Initial release of sheet comes with a Character Builder, and drag&drop-integration to the i Compendium (requires buying Marvel Core Rulebook).

[Roll20] has been hard at work building an entirely new Character Sheet ecosystem, and this is the first major release we have made that utilizes this new functionality.
    Roll20 Dev, Aug. 2023

In the initial release, the Bio&Info- and A&A-tabs where hidden on the sheet, which is normally visible regardless of what sheet is in use.

Being the first sheet using Beacon, there seem to be some bugs related to it that normally doesn't affect character sheets, like:

  • inability to drag & drop roll buttons to the macrobar
  • issues related to referencing sheet attributes in macros
  • Mods that usually work on any character(regardless of character sheet) not working with the Marvel sheet.