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Neal G Erickson

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Neal Erickson is a twitch streamer who specialized in world building and AD&D 2nd edition. He is known for his unusual devotion to an ancient system, his extended cartography sessions, and his marathon streams which have gone as long as 120 uninterrupted hours.



Neal 'Koibu' Erickson is a California native, growing up in Santa Barbara and moving to San Francisco. At the end of 2014 he married Lauren Pass and the two of them moved abroad to live in Vietnam at the start of 2015. They plan to live abroad for a few more years before moving back home.

Neal has been playing D&D since 1999, age 13, and has a gritty, deadly, low-magic style of play that encourages critical thinking and problem solving among his players. This is most evident in Dicing with Death, a 1 on 1 show he runs with his lifelong friend Ryan 'Hobgoblin' Hufschmid. The two have been playing together from the start and embrace a high lethality style of play with characters lasting as short as 1 hour.

Other hobbies and interests include ballroom dancing, Aikido, and Judo which Neal learned at, and subsequently taught for, The Cultural School in Goleta, CA under Sensei Ken Ota.

Featured Games & Editions

D&D (2.Neal)

Live Schedule

Tuesday Thursday Sunday
Title Misscliks D&D Seaborn Dicing with Death Shenanigans
Game System D&D (2e) D&D (2e) D&D (2e)
Time 6pm PT 6pm PT 10am PT

Show Descriptions & VODs

Misscliks D&D Seaborn

The Misscliks crew heads back to Solum and their high seas roots in another pirate adventure.

Misscliks D&D Seaborn Cast

Neal G. Erickson
Anna Prosser
Gen Forget
Jess Brohard

Jeffry Trump

Dicing with Death

One GM, one player. Neal and Ryan have been playing together since 1999 and have amazing chemistry together.

Dicing with Death Cast

Neal G. Erickson

Ryan Hufschmid


Take the seriousness down a notch and frolic with good fun and wacky hijinks. A rotating cast of over 10 players keeps the game fresh.

Shenanigans Cast

Justin Foster
Roman Adrian

Simon Lantz

Timothy Young
Eric Anguiano
Joseph Ryan
Patrick Mariano
Rob Berrera

Ryan Hufschmid