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One-Way Dynamic Lighting

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One way dynamic lighting example. The character on the top floor sees the ground floor,
and see how the pillars look like, without seeing what is behind them.(Beta, 2022-03-18)

Main Page: Dynamic Lighting

One-Way Barriers were first released for testing on Dev Server on March 18, 2022, and then fully released on April 15th 2022.


  • Now when on the Dynamic Lighting Layer, GM’s can select a new type of line to act as a Barrier known as “One Way”.
  • When a line or shape is drawn when this input is selected triangles will appear near the line letting you know which way light and vision will bypass the barrier.
  • You can also toggle the direction using the button in the submenu.
  • example in action(gif)

For those looking to add barriers as they know them now, they are still the default option and are listed as “Walls” in the submenu. All your currently applied lines and maps will default to this automatically.

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