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Dynamic Lighting

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Roll20 currently have two Dynamic Lighting systems, which are not interchangeable.


Dynamic Lighting

Dynamic Lighting (UDL, formerly known as "Updated Dynamic Lighting") is the newer Dynamic Lighting system Roll20 have been working on to develop as a replacement for LD. It was first made available in May 2020, and as of Q1 2022, has more features & generally seen as better than LDL.

Legacy Dynamic Lighting

Legacy Dynamic Lighting(LDL) is the original system, previous referred to as just "Dynamic Lighting", and is what people talk about in any guides or videos made before April 2020. It's on its way to being removed.

General Info

On both Tokens and the Page Toolbar, the setting for LDL and UDL are on separate pages, as not to confuse people.

Roll20 have announced that LDL will be retired when UDL is good enough..

Fog of War is not impacted by removal of LDL.


Some API, such as TokenMod, support both LDL and UDL. There are still some UDL settings that API cant currently access.

A number of API automatically detect if Updated or Legacy DL is used, and acts accordingly.

Dynamic Lighting is a Plus/Pro feature that changes what parts of the map are visible to the players as they move their tokens around. The light-blocking walls are achieved by paths on the walls layer, and tokens are used as point light sources. Scripts which modify either the light emitted by tokens or the walls which block the light belong in this category.

Not all APIs, or all their features work on both Updated DL and Legacy DL, you have to check them closer to know that.

  • DLTool(Forum) - A Dynamic Lighting Control Panel and Troubleshooter by keith
  • Door Knocker -- Script helps quickly open and close doors by controlling the dynamic lighting lines, as well as creating "windows"
  • DLEllipseDrawer -- Draw circles and ellipses on the dynamic lighting layer.
  • Dynamic Light Recorder -- Save dynamic lighting paths for map tiles and automatically regenerate later
  • LightCrumb (UDL version), by Aaron (not tested)
  • Move Lighting -- Move dynamic lighting polygon path objects between layers.
  • Walls -- Builds Dynamic Lighting walls with an exported .svg path file.
  • ShareVision -- Allows normal vision and darkvision to be shared.
  • ToggleDaylight(Forum) -- turn daylight mode on, off, or toggle it for LDL or UDL on the current page.
  • Script:UniversalVTTImporter For importing Dynamic Lighting lines & light sources to Roll20 from map creation programs that can export to Universal VTT-file format.

Following Mods no longer work as well as previous, since real Doors and Windows where introduce:

  • UDLWindows(Forum) -- API for creating "windows", i.e. DL lines that blocks movement, but doesn't block vision.
  • UDLPasswall(Forum) - Walls that block sight, but not movement

APIs that only works with Legacy

  • LightCrumbTrails(Forum) -- Produces lit, shared-vision breadcrumbs behind character tokens. This allows them to see where they've been on maps with dynamic lighting.
  • One-Way Dynamic Lighting(Forum) -- Allows you to set up dynamic lighting walls that allow you to see through one side, but not the other.
  • Torch -- A simple script for giving lights to tokens and turning off and on dynamic lighting.
    • UDL version in the works