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Open Legend

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Open Legend is a free fantasy TTRPG, in which the players play the part of mighty heroes and wicked villains in order to tell stories of epic proportion. In each game of Open Legend, the intrepid characters will fight mythic beasts, break ancient curses, unravel mysterious enigmas, discover treasures untold, and more.

The system have two Roll20 Character sheets:

Open Legend

  • Features:
    • Steamlined design to keep it simple and enhance performance.
    • Speed up your game sessions with Auto-Calculating fields and Javascript workers so hardly any math.
    • Actions made simple with plenty of Roll buttons, simply hover over the name and you'll see it change colors, click to roll.
    • Customizable skills, attacks, and spells under your Actions.
    • Advantage/Disadvantage built into each roll with pop questions.
    • Clickable gear icons for expanded options.
  • Authors: Jonathan Potter, aka Great Moustache / BuildAndDie
  • Sheet Changelog & Readme
  • sourcecode
  • Last updated Aug 2019

Open Legend (Minimalist)

  • Features:
    • Single page design (no tabs)
    • No hidden options or settings (almost)
    • Toggle between Roll20's virtual dice and prompts if you'd rather roll your own (the ONLY hidden option, click the gear beneath the logo).
    • All features (advantage/disadvantage, power level calculation, etc.) are fully compatible with both virtual and physical dice
    • Hover over any roll button to reveal per-attribute/per-action advantage/disadvantage
    • Autocalculate fields with reasonable defaults
    • Change any autocalculated field if you don't like the result (no fields are locked/disabled)
    • Room for all your actions, feats, perks, flaws, and inventory
    • Roll templates for boons show what power levels you can invoke based on your roll
  • Authors: Déja Augustine (a.k.a. Kertész, @dejaaugustine)
  • Readme & sourcecode
  • Last updated July 2018