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Orr Industry Report

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The Short version of the Q3 2020 Orr Report.
The Orr Group Industry Report is a report listing stats and use data on different game systems on Roll20, released quarterly on their Blog. "Orr Group" was the name of the company that owns Roll20 until 2023, when it changed it's name to Wolves of Freeport, Inc.

These Reports where published during 2015-2021, and in 2022 confirmed to be "on hold".
About The Orr Group Industry Report[2]
The Orr Group Industry Report explores trends within the tabletop gaming industry with a focus on the online tabletop community. Created in 2014, the Orr Report has always aimed to go beyond the topic of “what games have sold recently” and really centralize the focus on what games people are continuing to play and enjoy on an ongoing basis. Everyone from players to publishers can get a bird’s eye view for the usage and popularity of different systems on Roll20 and identify trends for tabletop as a whole.

Roll20 had a 1½ years break in publishing the reports, and with Q2 2019 started again, after having changed how they collect and analyze the data.

New Orr Report

The new version of the report was started with Q2 2019, after bit over a one-year break since the last one. Data collected and representation is different from the older reports, so might not match one-to-one.

The Orr Report have been confirmed to be "on hold".




Old Orr Report

These are the Orr Report from before the 1½ year break, after which data was collected in a different way.