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Rafael Amon “Ramon” is a Brazilian RPG podcaster and streamer. Producing content in Portuguese about tabletop games since 2013.



Rafael "Ramon" is a Brazilian engineer, resident in Rio de Janeiro, who decided to start a website about RPG (Perdidos No Play) with five friends. The other members of this adventure already fallen by the wayside, but Ramon follows bravely in search of treasure. It's Sword And Sorcery style, baby!

Featured Games & Editions

5E D&D

Mage, The Ascension

Live Schedule

Every Other Sunday Every Other Sunday Every Other Wednesday Every Other Wednesday
Title Era de Cobre (Copper Era) Dark Sun Um Outro Sol (Another Sun) Dias de Silêncio e Trevas (Days of Silence and Darkness)
Game System Jadepunk 5E D&D Numenera Mage, the Ascension
Time 9pm BRT 9pm BRT 9pm BRT 9pm BRT
Channel Twitch Twitch Twitch Twitch

Show Descriptions & VODs

Um Outro Sol (Another Sun)

A new group of explorers leaves Stirthal, one of the major cities of Malevich, searching for missing friends.

Dias de Silêncio e Trevas (Days of Silence and Darkness)

The World of Darkness cover new awakens, which have very different goals.

Era de Cobre (Copper Era)

The excesses of of Kausao’s governor, a wuxia steampunk city, start poisoning the population with a dense smog. Few people know the truth.

Dark Sun

There are no heroes, only survivors. In a world of hostile environment, an unlikely group decides to join forces.

Um Outro Sol (Another Sun) Cast

Ramon as GM
Thiago Rosa
Rafael Balbi

Ramon Mineiro

Dias de Silêncio e Trevas (Days of Silence and Darkness) Cast

Marcio Moreira as GM
Rafael Balbi
Bruno Calil


Era de Cobre (Copper Era) Cast

Marina as GM


Dark Sun Cast

Mithophir as GM



Perdidos No Play (Lost in Playground)

Running since 2013, Perdidos No Play is a Brazilian podcast about roleplaying games and much more.