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Info on playing the Quest system(created by T.C. Sottek & The Adventure Guild) on Roll20.

The Quest char sheet (v.1.1)

Character Sheet

There is a Roll20 character sheet for Quest, and it's split into three pages:


  • Profile: shows the profile info for the character, identical to pdf version
  • Abilities: a dynamic list where you can save any number of abilities. Has a roll button so you can show the Ability's info to others in the q Text Chat
  • Inventory empty textboxes for saving

At the top of the sheet, there is a roll button, which will show the result of a d20 roll, along with the thresholds for levels of success.

Another person is working on an update to the sheet, with possible API options. Andreas J. (talk) 17:04, 19 February 2021 (UTC)

The Roll20 Sheet was originally created by Andrew S., and Andreas J. updated it somewhat, along with making it available in the Roll20 menu.