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Brad Beltane aka RPGlory was first exposed to role-playing games over three decades ago and never recovered. These days he streams three ongoing campaigns, does demos of indie-RPGs, and is available for guest spots on other RPG streams.



Brad "RPGlory" Beltane splits his time more or less equally between on-stream role-playing games and animal care. So when not playing characters with more flavor than sanity, or GMing right at the edge of a Total Party Kill, he is usually dealing with one end or the other of a cat. Although some of his content wanders into risqué territory, he is deeply committed to inclusiveness. As such, he strives to make his channel a safe and comfortable place for people of all genders, ethnic backgrounds, sexual identities, and religions, as well as those struggling with physical and/or psychiatric challenges. Brad currently resides in the San Francisco Bay Area with his wife Aldyth, eight cats, two giant Madagascar day geckos, and most recently, a Pomeranian named Darth Brodie.

Featured Games & Editions

D&D 5E
Fate Core

Dark Revelations

Live Schedule

Wednesday Saturday Sunday
Title Fated Worlds: The Burning Wind Post-Human Academy Mostly Laughter, Some Slaughter
Game System Burning Wheel Masks: A New Generation various
Time 10am PT 9pm PT 4pm PT

Show Descriptions & VODs

Pirates & Demons

Pirates & Demons is the current incarnation of the Fated Worlds series of Fate Core games run by Hasse-Iona in various settings. Pirates has a very ""Pirates of the Carribean"" feel mixed with high fantasy elements.

Pirates & Demons Cast

Hasse Iona


Taking Waterdeep

Taking Waterdeep is an ongoing, high level, 5th edition Dungeons and Dragons series focusing on intrigue, as the PCs, all Zhentarim mercenaries, attempt to gain control of the Forgotten Realms' most interesting city.

Taking Waterdeep Cast



Dark Revelations

Dark Revelations is humorous post-apocalyptic game based on the D20 system, played with the game's developers.

Dark Revelations Cast

Chris C.
Joe A.
Jason H.

John M.

Marketplace Content

Devin Token Pack 35 - Demon Devils

Greytale's Dungeon Blanks 1

Featured Character Sheets

John Myles' 5th Edition

Additional YouTube Content

The Secrets of Cats

A Fate Core campaign run by Hasse Iona as part of the Fated Worlds series. Using Richard Bellingham's Secrets of Cats setting, the players took on the role of mystical cats protecting their burdens (humans) from supernatural and other threats.

The Secrets of Cats Cast

Hasse Iona


Open Legend RPG

This is a demo played with the developers of the game. Open Legend features an exploding dice system, streamlined yet extremely dynamic combat, and complete flexibility in character design.

Zodiac Empires RPG

This is a two-part demo played with the developers of the game. Zodiac Empires is a campaign world usable with both Pathfinder and 5th Edition D&D. It features new races, detailed nationalities, and an unfolding history that reflects the events of games reported to the developers.

Appearances on Other Channels


I played the somewhat unhinged gnome necromancer Dr. Nix on the February 24 hour cast.


In Once Upon a Game | S2E19 | Monsterhearts I played Aleister Graves, an awkward teen Witch recovering from psychiatric issues.

In Once Upon a Game | S2E20 | Monsterhearts I played Brittany Koch, a teen Queen who is incredibly good at being a mean girl, but strives to be something better.