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Random NPC Generator

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Random NPC Generator (system agnostic)

Created by Daniel S.

If we combine roll able tables with a custom sheet and multi-sided tokens, we can build a random npc generator. We are gonna need some tokens with some art, the more the better. I just used token tools, scrolled to all my pdfs with art that was fitting for the setting and made lots of portrait tokens. Add all of them to a roll able table. You can then spawn a token from that table. If you right-click that token you can see the multi sided option, choose random side to generate a random portrait. Now make a new character named "Random NPC", this character will be our standin for our token actions. Set your multi-sided token as standard token for the random npc. You will most likely need a name for your NPC, so we add a roll able table with names. Then we will add a ability to our "Random NPC" character to roll from the names table and whisper it to the gm:

/w gm &{template:default} {{name=A random Name}} {{[[1t[Names]]]}}

If we combine different tables we can also create names including surnames, second names or nicknames.

/w gm &{template:default} {{name=A random long Name}} {{Male:[[1t[names-male]]] Female:[[1t[names-female]]] "[[1t[names-nickname]]]" [[1t[names-surname]]]}}

Set it as a token action, and repeat this process with other things you wanna randomly generate, like personality, something strange about them, Gm-Intrusions or any other thing you can find a suitable table for. Keep it on the GM layer until you need it, and a new npc is just some clicks away. Remember to set the nametag for your token accordingly and make sure your players can see the name tag! Bonus points if you remove every used token from the roll able table, so all your NPC's are unique. Roll20 does not sync the token with the table, so you have to spawn it again when you added or removed tokens!